The Crew Is Ready For Second Beta on Aug 25

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The open world racing game from Ubisoft, The Crew is all set to enter its second beta on August 25th.

The game developers are now doing their best to make sure they don’t end up releasing a title that is full of bugs and glitches. When it comes to games, especially those multi-player titles that are going to have a whole lot of gamers coming in, beta plays an integral role in perfecting things out. It will allow the team behind, to know where things went wrong and fix them promptly, before an official release takes place.

Besides all this, it was such an annoying situation for people who purchased Battlefield 4, which was never ready for release, but DICE and EA decided to go ahead with it. The testing and fixing is going on, even after a year, since its original release. We really hope such issues don’t come up with The Crew because it is one of the most anticipated multi-player racing games slated for 2014 and is going to hit the retail stores under huge expectations. The trailers looked really promising and Ubisoft hyped it even higher during the E3 2014 event that took place in June.

Beta 2 Is Confirmed

This time, for the beta 2 of The Crew, Ubisoft has decided to handout more keys so that a large group of players would be able to climb aboard. This will allow the development team to check the intensity that the servers are capable of withstanding, as well as the game’s ability to run without any hassles. The beta second edition will commence on August 25th and will continue to go until August 29th. For the convenience of PC gamers, Ubisoft confirmed that they will be able to register for the beta through Steam as well as those who pre-order the game will be given assured keys so that they can check out the game in advance. They added that there will be no NDA for the beta after the end of this month. The official announcement and further information has been provided on the Ubi blog where you will also be able to register for the upcoming beta.

Detailed Infographics

Ubisoft has decided to show off a bit about The Crew with a new info graphic sheet that got released. It reveals many statistics based on the last beta that took place. According to the graphic info, the miles driven by all the drivers are so high that it is equivalent to driving around the world for 9563 times. Only five percent of police chases have ended in arrests, while the total is at a massive 387,113. Players have spent a total of eighteen thousand hours viewing the maps, to plan their next move and over sixty four thousand cars have been repaired in the garage. A lot of skill challenges have been attempted as well. On the whole, the info graphics created based on the previous beta looks quite promising and it could be much better with beta two when it launches at the end of the month.

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