How to Set Up Viber on Your Smartphone and Computer

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Viber is a popular mobile application available on almost all smartphones.

This cross-platform free app works on almost all smartphones such as Bada, Nokia, Android, Windows Phone, iPhone and Blackberry. Although primarily developed for smartphones, you can also use this app on computers that use Mac and Windows as operating systems. An interesting feature is that you do not have to undergo a registration process to use it. Your phone number serves as your identification. With Viber, you can make and receive calls, as well as send and receive text and video messages for free from others in the same network.

Tips to Install Viber on a Smartphone

As a prerequisite to installing Viber, you must ensure that you have a 3G or Wi-Fi data connection on your mobile phone. You must then proceed to download the app from your app store. After you do this, gently tap on the app’s icon. This marks the beginning of the setup process. On the screen that opens, you will be greeted with a Welcome Screen that briefs you of some of the app’s excellent features. In the screen that follows, you will be prompted for your mobile number. When you type your mobile number, your area code and location will be automatically detected. If this is incorrect by any chance, you can correct the details from the list provided. Proceed with granting permission for access to your contacts list. Once Viber receives your phone number, it will send an access code via a text message to that mobile number. Enter the access code that you received as an SMS and the app is set up on your smartphone.

When you tap on your Contacts list, you will be able to see the list of people who use Viber. When you select a contact, you will be provided with the option of making a free call or sending a free message.

Installing Viberon Your Computer

This setup is similar to the setup process on a smartphone. As with a smartphone installation, make sure that you have a valid data connection. Also, to have Viber installed on your computer, ensure that it is first installed and working properly on your mobile phone. Download the appropriate application for Mac or Windows from the Viber website and go about the installation process. After the installation is over, open the application and key in the mobile number with which the app was associated previously. Once you do this, you will receive a four-digit code as a text message on your mobile phone. When this code is entered, the setup process is complete.

It is worth noting that you can send a message to multiple contacts simultaneously with Viber. To do this, you must first select the group of people you would like to chat with from your Contact list. After selecting the list of people, you can send the message much the same way as you would send to a single person.

Although you can use Viber to make and receive calls, when you install the app it is worth bearing in mind that it cannot be used as a replacement for a mobile phone or a landline. This is because the app cannot be used to make emergency calls. Moreover, calls made over a 3G network may be nominally priced based on your data carrier. However, Viber calls through a Wi-Fi network are always free.

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