Surface Pro 3 Release Date Nears: Microsoft To Compete With Apple

Microsoft isn’t new to the tablet world.

They currently have a pretty good line up of tablets (both entry level and high end devices, the best of them being the Surface Pro 2). But Microsoft didn’t abandon the idea. They announced the release of a new tablet, based on the new operating system, Windows 8.1, called the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

This new device is said to be an improvement over the current line up in every single way. So, what can you expect from the upcoming device?

Well, there is a pretty high chance for the Intel I5 to be replaced with a Intel I7 unit (probably of lower frequency, but higher number of threads and similar power consumption). This is great news for people that needed more processing power in such a small package, especially for those that are travelling all the time and actually do their work on these tablet devices.

The Surface Pro 3 will also feature a 10.6 inch screen that will be as crisp as it can be thanks to the 4K resolution (or 3840 by 2160, but take it with a grain of salt because Microsoft just teased us and did not said anything for sure about it). The specs of this tablet are pretty similar to the Pro 2 with a few key differences. The GPU that is found in the processor will be more energy efficient and also, a bit more powerful, so the battery life should get a nice bump.

Just as in the current Pro 2, the next Surface Pro 3 will have a few customizable parts. You will get the 4K display and the Intel I7 CPU no matter what you choose, but you will also be able to select what amount of RAM you need (so, you’ll be able to get either 4GB, 8GB or 16GB), the last amount being a great addition because there were some people that edited their videos on the go, and 8GB was insufficient.The storage options are pretty similar, so you’ll still be able to get 64GB, 128GB or 256GB of lighting fast storage in SSD form, and there is also a possibility of 512GB of storage plus as much as a Terabyte in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage system.

So, is it worth waiting for? Well, the Surface Pro 2 is a great tablet as it is but the Pro 3 will bring some nice goodies to the table, especially to the battle with Apple’s iPad. You’ll be able to do more thanks to the battery and power usage improvements and the screen will be a blast. It will be perfect for reading your documents, watching a movie while on the plane or just having a blast with your best friend watching that online show you love.

In conclusion, the Surface Pro 3 will bring new things to the table, things that will most likely help lots of people that will buy this tablet. The only downside will be the price that is still way too high, and if you’ll go for the top of the range unit with loads of storage, 16GB of RAM you will most likely pay twice as much as the basic unit (that, let’s face it, will be sufficient to most people).

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