Why Xbox One sales fall behind PS4

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Everybody waited for years for the new generation of consoles, both PC users (because they wanted better game ports than what it was available) and console gamers. So, after grueling years of wait here they are. Two gaming consoles that are very similar to each other, the software being what keeps them apart.

The Xbox One features a AMD APU running at 1.75 Ghz (basically, two 4 cores Jaguar units), an integrated AMD GCN graphics running at 856 Mhz and 8GB of DDR3 RAM (of which only 5GB are available to games). The console comes bundled with a Kinect sensor inside the box, so it is quite expensive comparing to what it is on the market. It runs a modified version of Microsoft’s own Windows system (with integrated Live support).

On the other side of the ring we have the Sony Playstation 4, a console that even it’s very similar to the Xbox One, it is very different in certain aspects. The PS4 rocks a similar AMD Jaguar APU, but this time running at only 1.6Ghz (but it’s said that the CPU can support up to 2.75Ghz). The big difference is that it also has a very low power CPU for background tasks. It also features a integrated graphics card that shares it’s ram with the rest of the system. A big advantage over the Xbox One is that the PS4 features much faster RAM than the DDR3 memory found in it’s competitor. It is using GDDR5 memory capable of speeds over 170 GB/s (and in aid of this, it also features 256MB of DDR3 RAM for background tasks). Thanks to the very fast memory the GPU inside the APU has a very high bandwidth, so the fill-rate it’s much higher, thus offering smoother gameplay.

So, considering the specs we could say that these consoles are very close to each other. But are they? Well, no, they aren’t. The PS4 started to sell better than the Xbox One, mainly because it’s a full 100$ cheaper (or more at some retailers) than the One, and taking into account that the games are pretty similar in price, there is no need for the One. The main selling point to the Xbox One is the Kinect sensor, but there aren’t many games that take advantage of this and also, many people prefer to stay in the comfort of their couch and play a game or watch a movie.

Also, the Xbox One is heavier and bigger than the PS4. Also, the cooling system on the Playstation 4 is much quieter and also more adequate than what is found in the competition. The power consumption also tends to be lower (but similar) to the Xbox One. Thanks to this, Sony managed to get a small lead in the number of units sold.
But, the biggest disadvantage of the Xbox One when comparing it to the Playstation it’s the online platform. Of course, both platforms are pretty much the same thing, but when you get the PSN Plus membership you also get access to select games in the store (that would otherwise cost money), feature that is not available in the Xbox Live platform.

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