Gmail – Features That You Can Never Afford to Miss

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When you are looking to decide the type of email platform you should use, you need to explore the features of the platform diligently.

If you are using it for personal reasons, you may not have rigid requirements to be met. However, when it comes down to corporate bodies, they may have a list of well defined standards that the email platforms need to meet. Not surprisingly, you will find uncountable corporate bodies still relying on Gmail – the free email platform services.

While it is common for corporate bodies to have their own email platform, yet very often the employees end up using their Gmail addresses because at the end of the day, it is easier to use and comes packed with some of the finest features that you could hope for. Here, we will look at the important points that make Gmail such an apt choice for many.

Ample Storage for Your Files

When you have an email platform, the very first thing you have to determine is the amount of storage that you are going to get. No one wants to have a platform where you have to delete your files because you are facing space crunch. When you are using Gmail, you will not have to be bothered about space. Gmail offers you 15 GB of free storage. While 15 GB is a huge number and you will be able to save most of your files, but you can always make smart use of Google drive or even Picasa for sharing your files.

Google drive has been configured in such a manner that you no longer have to be bothered about your security arrangements. You can choose the sharing rights and only those people who have either the viewing or the editing rights will be able to access the files.

Filters Make It Easy to Access

When it comes to emails, you may get frustrated with the endless number of unwanted emails that you receive. If you are one of those who want to access those emails that are of use and not be bothered with the ones that are unimportant, you can make smart use of the filtering and labeling options in Gmail.

It is with these filters that accessing your emails will be a lot easier. You can filter through the option and put labels for important conversations. The recent changes in Gmail already prevent your primary inbox from useless clutter. As Gmail has divided your inbox into primary, social and promotions, much of the unwanted emails have been removed. However, if you wish to further segregate your emails, you can always make use of the filters.

You can choose to have labels for emails originating from a specific address(s) and this will simplify the ease with which you retrieve emails.

These are two of the main factors that have ensured that most people prefer Gmail because it comes packed with its own share of useful features. You are not likely to face any trouble and the security offered by this platform is pretty impressive too.

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