Viber – 5 Reasons Why this Free Download is a Must Have

Viber is one of the most robust and easy to use free calling apps.

When it was released in 2010, little did the app’s developers know that the app would become such a huge success. Months after it was first rolled out it was already giving tough competition to several other apps like Skype. Everyone who has used it simply loves it and here’s a reason why you should use it.

It is Very Simple

Usability is one factor that propels Viber to the top of free calling apps charts. The user interface and design is so simple, that even first time users do not have problems navigating through the app. It integrates perfectly with your smartphone, no matter what kind of operating system you use. It also automatically accesses your phone book and picks up contacts on its own. The app will also point out your contacts that are already using Viber so that you can start talking to them for free immediately.

Make Free Calls Anywhere

No matter where your contact is located, if you have a working data connection, you can use Viber to be in touch with your contacts located all over the world. You can make free international calls to contacts that have Viber on their phone. This works as a cross platform calling, so you can even call your contacts from your phone to their computers and vice versa. This means your phone bill will now be much smaller than it used to be.

Call Quality

When you hear ‘free calls’, it is easy to assume that the quality of your calls may not be that great. The fact is Viber leaves no stones unturned in ensuring that its users get the best call experience they can provide. So there are no compromises with the call quality, in fact, you may feel that the Viber call quality is much better than the quality of your regular calls. Moreover, you are able to connect to anyone through free Viber or the nominally charged ‘Viber Out’ options. So if your contact does not have Viber installed on their phone, you can use ‘Viber Out’ to talk to them at a very small charge.

Total Security

Viber’s security feature makes it stand out among most other free calling apps. Viber offers you complete phone book integration and in the 4 years that it has been operational, Viber has not made any compromises on your security. There haven’t been any instances where personal information accessed by the app may have been compromised. Therefore, users can use the app without having to worry about the safety and security of their personal and private information.

Feature Rich Application

Viber is truly feature rich. You can make free calls to anyone you want, and with that, you can also send free text messages, IMs, video messages and audio clips. You can also share media files; send whacky stickers do a lot more on Viber. Since the app has cross platform functionality, the features seem even more useful.

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