Minecraft Xbox One – Interesting Things to Look Out for on Release Date

The confirmed list of features coming to TU14 for Xbox 360 has been provided by developers 4J Studios.

The company had completed their work on the title update 14, submitted it to Microsoft for certificate testing process and it is getting released today on the console. While this does not have anything to do with the next gen console directly, it is a known fact that 4J Studios is the company working on all console ports. After having completed an important update with several bug fixes, they will have plenty of time now to focus on Minecraft Xbox One version.

A tentative release date is expected during the summer of 2014 that is just a month or so away. It is purely speculation and the fact that developers always make surprise announcements make it difficult to deduce a release date. When the game lands, it will definitely have plenty of interesting stuff to look forward to because title update 14 will be part of the console version on release date. Besides, there is a possibility that they might release some new texture packs along with the city texture pack.

Teleport Anywhere

The ability to teleport is an interesting addition. The developers added this amazing feature at the last moment and it was revealed right before the TU14 release. Players will be able to access this option using the in game menu and can teleport to a desired location of their choice. Even though, there is another travel option using a pig and a carrot on a stick, this will be the fastest mode available. It can also be used to launch surprise attacks on unsuspecting victims because there is another option to become invisible.

The new update expected to be part of Minecraft Xbox One version has tripwires and tripwire hooks. It is a handy tool using which you can secure your buildings and make sure other entities or players cannot enter it. When tripped, it can be designed to pour a potion or kill the person with showering arrows.

Still Under Development

The adventure mode, which will be part of the Xbox 360 edition, will land on Minecraft Xbox One on release date because it is evident that TU14 will be part of the package. While the developers did not come up with a firm announcement on the title, a Twitter feed from an important representative revealed that the company is still working on the next gen version. He confirmed that they are busy developing it and no announcement can be made until they have some news to share. In his Twitter status, he also added that it would be worth the wait.

The next gen console requires some compelling titles and Minecraft Xbox One edition is definitely a worthy one to consider. While the graphics in the game cannot be improvised drastically because it is designed to be retro, there will be better textures and higher resolution to look forward to. The developers may find it easy to port the game because it shares the same X86-architecture as a PC and Microsoft is planning to bring DX12 to boost the performance of the new generation console.

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