Angry Birds Free – Tracing the Legacy and the Reason for the Downfall

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When a gamer hunts for the best games, they are on the lookout for plenty of different points.

No doubt, the popularity of a game has a big role to play because everyone wants to play the best and the top trending games.

When we are talking about some of the best games that trended and hogged the limelight, you would find Angry Birds to be one of the top mentions. It was at one point of time, a top rated game that had a huge fan following.

Is Angry Birds Free to Play?

Angry Birds isn’t obsolete and you can find it in the app store and play it on your PC as well. It is free to play, but if you use the upgrades and make some in-app purchases, you may have to spend some money for playing it.

During its prime, Angry Birds was one of those games that took the world by storm. There were endless gamers who were hooked to it as they couldn’t resist bombing the targets with the birds. It is hard to pinpoint the specific reasons that lead to the increasing popularity of the game.

It was perhaps a mix of a plethora of different points including but not limited to some of these.

The Excellent Graphics

Angry Birds was one of those games that set a new benchmark in the field of graphics. All the games before Angry Birds could not offer what this game brought to the table. The eclectic display of bright colors and the interactive designing of the birds instantly captured the attention of too many gamers. Not just children, but a lot of grown ups were happily attracted to it too and the game started topping the popularity charts.

Addicting and Entertaining

What are the two qualities that set an extraordinary game apart from an ordinary one? It has to be addicting play and entertaining levels. If the game does not keep you hooked you are likely to be bored and you may switch to other alternatives.

At the same time, games that fail to entertain will not impress. Angry Birds was so designed that it had both these qualities. There were so many levels that people kept playing it for long hours at a stretch.

How the Game Dipped in the Popularity Charts?

You might be wondering as to why this game dipped in the popularity meter. The reason is clear. People were looking for change. While there is ample diversity in the game, there was a need to find something new and diverse. The changes came in the form of new games like Temple Run; Subway Surfers sand even Candy Crush Saga.

Angry Birds hasn’t died entirely as there are a few gamers who still take out time from their schedule to play this game. However, the days of glory are definitely gone and unless some major revamp is done, it is highly unlikely that Angry Birds free will top the trending charts all over again.

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