Free Antivirus – Do You Really Need to Pay for Antivirus Software Downloads?

It’s really becoming a free world out there. Today you have free games, free apps, free software, free calls, messages, SMSs, and a lot of other free things for your smartphones and tablets.

However, when there is so much available for free, should you really pay for your antivirus? There is a lot of free antiviruses available today, and almost all of them have a premium version with enhanced features. So who should you trust your device’s safety to – a free antivirus or a paid one?

Why Do You Need Antivirus?

We carry our worlds in your computing devices. Whether it is your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop, each device contains information that is very vital to you. Loss or theft of this information can be really detrimental to you because it is of a very private nature. Therefore, we instinctively want to protect that which is important. Malware, adware, viruses, and key loggers have become too commonplace to turn a blind eye to them, and therefore almost everyone installs an antivirus on their computing device or smartphone to protect their important information. No matter which device and operating system you are using, you will need some kind of protection from both known and unknown threats.

Is there Any Different between Free and Paid Antivirus?

The basic protection that any free antivirus and its paid version offer users is the same. Testing has shown that in catching infections, both the free and paid antivirus give the same performance. Just because software is expensive, does not necessarily mean that it is better or more secure. However, paid products usually have databases that are more extensive and are quicker to detect threats that a free antivirus may miss. Free programs may also give more false warnings than paid ones – which are more thorough in their scans. So even though the basic features remain the same, paid antivirus do tend to provide better service and security. There is a difference between the finer features, which the paid antivirus is usually loaded with. These features are often very useful.

What Do You Need?

A lot of different products have been designed for different needs. So if you feel that you need robust protection a complete antivirus suite is important for you. Otherwise, you can get adequate protection with a free antivirus. Businesses, that make huge transactions over their computers and those that have a lot of important information stored on them, usually need extensive protection. This can only be provided by a paid antivirus that issues you a license. However, if you have a personal device, which does not have a lot of important or personal information, you can make do with a free antivirus that gives you basic protection from malware and viruses. There are a lot of other apps that can provide additional security to your device. So you can use those as well. If you feel that you will be careful in your browsing and that you will download from the internet discriminately, you can install a free antivirus and it will take care of all your needs.

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