Amazon Fire TV vs. Chromecast – Weighing the Pros and Cons to Help You Make a Smart Decision

Taking the Amazon Fire TV for a test drive made us realize that the media-streaming box had lots to offer than it showed on papers.

The set-top box did not fail to impress the masses with a plethora of features incorporated in the device. Regardless, the competition has stiffened with major companies such as Apple and Roku coming up with their updated versions.

Since, the competition in the market has increased, let us take two of the popular products and stack them head to head against each other. Google’s Chromecast and the last to be released in the media-streaming box arena, the Amazon Fire TV, are compared today.

Both these devices are here to answer the question – what makes one, a better device, than the other? However, the answer might not be easy. The fact is, one cannot go wrong with either of the two choices available. In case, you were searching for a specific requirement, such as, large catalogue, gaming or even affordability, you have to go through the details of both these devices.


First, let us compare what these devices have, on offer, to the potential buyer, in terms of apps. Both Fire TV and Chromecast are on par, in terms of providing apps to the users. However, there are differences in terms of apps, such as; Fire TV is unable to play movies and certain sports channels in comparison to the inability of the Chromecast to access Amazon Instant Video and Showtime. Amazon has proposed to stream HBO GO by the end of year 2014.

Streaming Quality

Fire TV: Amazon Fire TV offers the users with a decent streaming quality, comparable to streaming things such as Netflix on PC, PS3 and more.

Chromecast: Google’s Chromecast reigns supreme in terms of streaming quality. It offers the users with best picture quality. Regardless of what TV settings the user has, Chromecast provides brighter and livelier colors on the screen.


Fire TV: In terms of performance, Amazon Fire TV has no comparison. The set top box has probably the best specifications, than its counterpart, the Chromecast streaming stick. The set top box is super quick in every respect and there is no slowing down.

Chromecast: It does not have an interface; performance is a little hampered at times. It mostly depends on what is being streamed from the stick. However, it offers a consistent performance, which is both simple and fast (depending on your web connection).

In terms of price, Chromecast is easily affordable and available at $35 whereas, the Fire TV is available at $99.

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