FIFA 15 – The Best Features EA Revealed At E3 2014

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The conference by Electronic Arts was hugely dominated by sports and Battlefield Hardline.

EA Sports had an integral role to play during the E3 2014 conference where they showed more about FIFA 15, UFC, NHL and more. After all, they are best known for its sports games and there are hardly any competitors at the moment in this genre. The UFC game play video sporting legendary icon Bruce Lee was definitely fun to watch and packed the punch. While other games are getting a lot better, it is soccer that is going way beyond the traditional level to impress their fans. Here are some of the important features that will be part of the game.

Player Emotions

An important aspect of soccer is player emotions where each player will have specific facial expressions implemented with the new Ignite engine. The player will show anger, depression or a sense of pressure in his face whenever the camera zooms onto him. It will add a depth of realism to the game and will even make the player push his opponents or indulge in violent moves while passing balls. EA claims that they have integrated over 600 reactions into FIFA 15. The emotions will not only be specific to players but to his team mates as well as his opponents. For the moment, the emotions will only be visual and will not affect the game play element. If a player is angry, he will not shoot balls aggressively but will rather still be under the control of the human who controls it. To put it simply, it is like a car game where you see damages visually but the performance of the vehicle will remain the same.

Responsive Field

Instead of being green and clean all the time, the soccer field will be fully responsive in FIFA 15. The concept was demonstrated during the E3 2014 event where game developers briefed on how the grass and the ground respond. When a player slide tackles an opponent, the grass will split across the track and it will remain the same for a specific period of time, just as in real life. This leads to a more realistic experience where the field doesn’t look like plastic and players will be able to feel as if they are navigating the ball through an actual playground.

Crowd and Elements

Everything around you is designed to respond in FIFA 15. The new game play elements added by EA ensures that the crowd is more jubilant than ever in the game and even the goal posts will wobble when the ball hits it. Emotional intelligence is another new feature which will be part of the game where a team will start passing the ball so much when their score is behind while a team that is leading will automatically be defensive, rather than being aggressive. While these elements can be altered by the human player in the settings menu, they don’t have to do tweak them all but rely on the game’s engine to do the job for them as required.

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