Comparing the Xbox One Against the PS4

Now that the latest next-gen consoles have been out long enough to be this-gen consoles, comparing them is easy.

They each have their pros and cons, with devout fans fervently supporting their favorite, but with a little bit of information it’s simple to pick which one is best for you, with out worrying about bias.


Out of the box, the PS4 is significantly smaller than the Xbox One, measuring 10.5x12x2 inches compared to the Xbox Ones 13.5×10.4×3.2 inches. The larger size means that the Xbox weighs almost two pounds more than the PS4. The smaller size of the PS4 makes it more attractive as part of an entertainment center, but Xbox’s design makes it easier to work with, especially where external ports are concerned.

Both machines come with a DVD/Blu-Ray player, and both offer wireless connectivity. The PS4 provides connectivity via gigabit ethernet, 2.4 GHz router or 802.11 WiFi. XBox supports all of that, as well as a faster 5 GHz connection, and the 802.11a WiFi band. They both also contain a 500GB hard drive, but the Xbox doesn’t allow the owner to replace the hard drive themselves without voiding the warranty.

The CPUs are about equal, with the Xbox One’s 1.75 GHz processor just edging out the PS4′s 1.6 GHz processor. Both processors are AMD 8-core CPUs. The PS4 wins the race in internal memory, however, with a 1.84 teraflop graphics chip, compared to the 1.31 teraflop Xbox One GPU. Both machines have 8 GB of RAM, but the PS4 GDDR5 memory is more powerful than the DDR3 inside the Xbox.


When it comes to graphics, the PS4 has the better benchmarks, performing stronger and showing more clarity at higher resolutions, but both perform so well that the difference is almost impossible to notice. Part of the reason is because the PS4 has more powerful hardware, but a larger part is that developers for both consoles haven’t figured out how to take full advantage of the new architecture, so none of the games released are living up to the full potential of the system.

When it comes to game speed, both machines offer different experiences. While the Xbox takes significantly longer to power up (a minute plus compared to 20 seconds for the PS4), or to awaken from sleep mode, it trades that off by loading games quicker. Once the games are running, both are comparable, with little to no pausing or freezing from either .


The PS4 is priced at $399, while the Xbox One is priced higher, at $499. Both come with a single controller, and the Xbox also has the Kinect motion system that comes with the console. Since the consoles were released, both have seen periods where they’re on sale, so smart shoppers can get their hands on one for less than what’s listed if they’re patient.

Both consoles also provide access to their company’s respective subscription service – PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live. These allow console owners to play free trials, stream media, or even access the internet. Playstation Plus costs $9.99 a month, or a yearly subscription is available for $49.99. Xbox Live is cheaper for a monthly subscription at $7.99, but a yearly subscription will cost the same as PlayStation Plus – $49.99.

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