Minecraft Xbox 360 – TU14 Update Release Date Is Very Close

If you are a Minecraft Xbox 360 game, you might be waiting for an announcement from 4J Studios for the most wanted title update 14. Right now, there is no confirmed release date for the update but you can bet it will not be too long.

The finished content has already been submitted to Microsoft for certificate testing process. The console manufacturers always have a closed circuit that game developers should abide with. When they like to release an update, it should be submitted for certification.

Microsoft engineers will test run it on their console to make sure it works as ended, meets all the guidelines and doesn’t have any issues before approving it for release. The update will then be officially released on the platform and players can download it. The title update 14 is now at this verification certificate testing process that might take days or weeks based on how the company decides to handle it. With such a huge fan base waiting for its release, you can hope the company would not take too much time to bring this out, as they are liable to keep their fans happy.

Official Statement

The huge popularity of the game ensured that the internet was flooding with Minecraft Xbox 360 updates because fans wanted to know more. The development team, 4J Studios that is working on the console versions of the game tried their best to cope up with the expectation of their fans. They were constantly posting updates on their twitter page and made a statement earlier that it could be weeks before the update hits the console. It is now evident that they were simply trying to buy some time from eager fans and focus on the task in their hand.

When they announced that the bugs are being fixed a couple of days ago, you would not have assumed that they are ready for certificate testing already. The official statement came from the team on Friday and now the web is bustling with activity one more time. The guessing game for the release date has commenced already but with such massive community support, Microsoft will most probably release it as soon as possible.

Confirmed Updates List

Title update 14 has now been handed over to Microsoft, reads the statement made by 4J Studios in their official twitter blog. The developers also provided a link that details all the confirmed updates coming for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. The list is exceptionally long but if you like to go through it, check out the link provided in the official forums. Apart from the confirmed ones, there will also be new additions including invisible potion and night vision potion.

It gives players enhanced abilities and adds depth to the already addictive game play found in Minecraft. There will be a poisonous potato as well besides being able to dye leather armor and wolf collar. The features shown in the teaser screenshots are all confirmed now and they will be available on Xbox 360 once Microsoft approves the certificate. It is not going to be a long wait. Stay tuned to get more information. Get ready to indulge in your Minecraft glory.

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