Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Roku – Features Discussed to Help You Choose the Best

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The competition to deliver the most client friendly set top boxes on the market is getting stiff every day.

Internet based entertainment streaming is what seems to be defining the race in the present day. The developments have seen the emergence of eye-catching and technologically ambitious devices ranging from smart TVs, blue-ray devices and more. Yet, even amid the stiff competition, some set-top boxes continue to dominate the scene in general customer ranking and sales. The streamers from Google, Roku and Apple must have decided to steal all the glory, at least for the time being. They are the most preferred choices running HDTV content with ease.

Chromecast, Apple and Roku’s Journey to the Limelight

Antony Wood must look back with pride and relish for the 12 year journey that Roku has traveled. A look at what has made Roku what it is in modern era unveils that the developers have always cherished simplicity in their quest to lead the technology market in the TV streaming niche. On the other hand Roku’s close competitor, Apple has thrived on a solid fan base. The iTunes system backing has also given it a lot of stability. The ecosystem makes it easy for the clients to continue paying and enjoying their favorite shows on the Apple set-top box.

The Chromecast ‘Fever’

On the other hand, Google’s Chromecast banks on entirely different parameters to define its niche on the market. Unlike Apple’s exclusivity approach to client targets, Chromecast appears to have succeeded in reining in all types of clientele. The strategy has succeeded because the issue of pricing is a touchy one, and the users don’t seem to get enough of Google Chromecast’s low-price tags. In fact Chromecast is currently the cheapest set top box, endowed with advanced technologies. Chromecast is turning the TV streaming market upside down; what with the smallest size and unbeatable prices. It is no wonder that the streamer has attracted so many clients.

Headstart Advantage for Roku and Apple TV

Although Roku and Apple are still enjoying the largest market share, it appears that the trend is about to be overturned by the Google Chromecast onslaught.

Choosing the Best Device

There are many factors that drive clients to choose a particular streaming device. Some of the factors are influenced by the users’ personal circumstances while others are determined by performance levels of the devices. In a nutshell, Apple offers exclusive premium streaming services which afford users a wide range of channels and rare content. Chromecast is superior in the way the controls are laid out and actually function. With Chromecast, for instance, you only need to tap on the progress slide bar to move to a point of choice in an ongoing session. Chromecast, therefore, appears to enjoy more compatibility with a myriad of apps on various smartphones. Roku has been faulted for its relatively laborious controls.

Roku’s Strength

Roku comes with more channels, compared to Chromecast. Stream your movie media to your HD screen with ease. Moreover, Roku has been hailed for better picking of Wi-Fi signals than most other devices. You also have a refined quality viewing of videos on Netflix compared to other streamers.

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