Subway Surfers – Top Most Cheats, Hints, Tips and Tricks

Subway Surfers is the 6th most popular game in the US.

It is an endless running game developed by a Danish company Kiloo and SYBO Games. Players take the role of a mischievous boy who disrupts the operations of a railway station. Your goal as the player is to collect coins and rewards as you run through a never ending world. You must avoid all sorts of obstacles, including trains. You are required to perform jumps, rolls and sideways moves by swiping your phone’s screen.

If you are an ardent fan of the game or even a newbie, the tips below will help you wade through the game much faster.

Focus On the Power-Ups

The power –ups will help you increase your score faster and at the same time, increase the distance between you and the guards.

Jet Pack

This gives you the ability to fly over obstacles and trains. You also have the advantage of collecting coins while in the air.

Super Sneakers

Gives you the ability to increase your pace and jump higher than the normal. It increases your range of collecting coins.

Coin Magnet

The coin magnet gives you the ability to collect coins. You don’t have to pass through a coin for you to collect it. Instead the coins are attracted to you.

2x Multiplayer

This gives you an advantage of doubling your score whenever the game is on. With this, once you reach x30, your score will increase at a very fast rate.

Double Coins

It gives you the advantage of buying things with cash and not incurring losses. If you have the ability of double coining, you can buy anything and you will still be left with cash. Whenever the game is starting, you should prioritize on the jetpack and coin magnet. This will boost your score even without exposing yourself to danger.

Know Your Combos

You already know that this is not even close to a fighting game. As simple as it is, you should know your moves. Know when to jump, when to roll, when to move to the right and when to move to the left. This is very important because it will spare your life.

Read the Prices and Abilities before Spending

If you want to buy a hover board, first know its price and its capability. Different hover boards have different capabilities. Furthermore, hover boards last for only 30 seconds and they disappear whenever you hit an obstacle. Choose wisely.

The Higher You Are, The Safer You Will Be

Staying high reduces danger and exposure to obstacles. You stay high by running on the trains and on the tunnels too.  When you jump sideways while you are on the air, you will increase your airtime and also your distance.

Follow the Daily Challenges

Every time you get to play, make sure you collect the letters provided to you for your daily challenges. Each time you succeed in a challenge, your power-ups are upgraded. This will gradually increase your score.

The Bottom Line

Stay focused on the incoming trains when you are playing the game. Use the above tips wisely to set a scoring record.






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