Yahoo Messenger Features You Can Download for Free

Keep in touch with your loved ones and friends with Yahoo Messenger, the most convenient instant messaging application for your computer.

With lots of amazing features that will surely make reaching out to people dear to you, using Yahoo Messenger is one of the easiest, most fun ways to talk through cyberspace. If you are not convinced yet, here is a quick list of the most useful and most interesting features of the latest Yahoo Messenger update.

Make Calls from PC to PC

For a long time, users of Yahoo Messenger have been dying to have a call feature. While the application used to be all about instant messages, the people behind Yahoo have seen it fit to update their features to catch up to the changing trends. Many communication apps are changing fast and adding many features that make chat and call easier and more interesting.

If you see that your contact on Yahoo Messenger is online, you can get his or her attention by using the Buzz option. When you are ready to talk, you can simply hit Call, and you’re good to go. The only requirement for you is that you and your contact be online at the same time. Also, even if you appear offline to your contacts but you are actually available on Yahoo Messenger, you will still be able to make a call.

Video Calls

For people who have not seen their loved ones for a long time and are eager to do so, video calling is an excellent alternative when there is no other way. To start a video call, simply look for a contact with whom you want to communicate and then from his or her status message, hit the option “View My Webcam” and you can get started with the video call.

If you have a number of tabs open on your computer and you want to make it more convenient to view the video, you can change the size of the video’s window.

Send Messages to Friends’ Phones

There will be instances when you badly need to contact someone but he or she is not presently available on Yahoo Messenger. Do not worry, because the app has something to offer for you for times like these. Yahoo Messenger allows users to send messages that will be forwarded to their contact’s phone numbers when the contact is unavailable.

You have the option of sending your message via instant message or SMS.

Make Calls to Mobile Phones

If sending a message just would not do for you, then you can make a call to your friend’s mobile phone, for a meager fee. When creating a Yahoo Messenger account, you will be given the option to include your mobile phone number.

The rates are very affordable; you only have to pay a cent for every minute of the call. Most calls do not last more than 3 to 5 minutes, so you do not have to spend so much on one call. Of course, you will need to buy Yahoo Messenger credits, but if you believe that you don’t need to make calls to your friends’ phones, then you don’t have to buy credits.

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