Do You Need Internet for WhatsApp?

The popularity of WhatsApp has really become a sensation all over the world. Developed in 2009, the app became the most popular messaging service in more than 100 countries. Today, it has more than 2.5 billion active users and continues to grow.

Using WhatsApp on your devices

You can use WhatsApp app by installing it on your mobile device. Just go to the app store, download, and install the app just as you would any other app. You can also use it on your computer through the browser by entering the link on the address bar.

Sending messages with WhatsApp

You may use WhatsApp on your iPhone by tapping on the Chat button found at the lower part of the screen. A Compose button can be found at the top right corner of the screen to begin sending messages.

Deleting messages after being sent

It is easy to delete a message unintentionally sent to a person as long as it not yet read. Simply press and hold the message, select Delete, and remove it from chat. A notification that you have deleted the message will be shown to the recipient.

Several other features can be used to maximize the use of WhatsApp on a daily basis, which include setting up a voice call. But you might be wondering if WhatsApp can be used without Internet.

Using WhatsApp without Internet connection

One of the reasons why WhatsApp has become so popular nowadays is because of connectivity. It connects one person to the rest of the world with ease. In fact, it doesn’t even need a dime to call someone from one continent to the other.

All you need to have is Internet connectivity to get started. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the features offered by WhatsApp to its users all over the planet.

  • Using a chatsim to send messages without Internet

The chatsim is one that looks like a normal SIM card. However, it works differently because it offers instant messaging service even without Internet connectivity. Using the chatsim is easy, which you can set up on your own without any hassle.

  • Buy chatsim online
  • Activate chatsim
  • Insert chatsim to any type of mobile device
  • Begin using the chatsim

The chatsim is also able to send unlimited number of messages and emoji. If you want to send images, videos, or make voice calls, you can recharge your prepaid SIM card to do so.

  • Using the WhatsApp Bluetooth messenger

Another way to send messages without Internet connection is through the Bluetooth messenger from WhatsApp. But this is just a short-range communications medium. Therefore, you can only send messages to a person at a nearby location or just within the room.

Overall, WhatsApp can be used without Internet connection. However, it comes with limited features. You might be able to use the full potential of chatsim if you often travel to areas where Internet connectivity is a big problem.

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