Xbox One vs Xbox 360 – Specs and Prices Comparison

Microsoft is known for launching some of the best game changing consoles and if you are a diehard gamer, you would definitely be hooked to Xbox.

Here, we will take a look at Xbox 360 and Xbox One and explore the features they have to offer and which one among them seems to be the better choice that you could opt for.

The Design of the Consoles

Xbox one is much better and bigger than Xbox 360. It is the new model and comes packed with some of the most impressive specifications.

While the Xbox 360 measures 27 cm in width, 26 cm in depth and the height is 7.5 cm, the Xbox one takes this dimension to another level. It measures 33.3 cm in width, 27.4 cm in depth and even the height is slightly more at 7.9 cm. Further, the Xbox One also comes with a Kinect and it is mandatory to use it along with Xbox One. While you could use the Kinect along with Xbox 360, it is optional.

One of the main reasons for the increased size is the fact that Xbox 360 was prone to severe heating issues. With a larger console, the amount of heating that could be caused has been significantly reduced.

The Processor Power

Xbox 360 has a triple core 3.2 GHz processor and thus a powerful PC based CPU. The Xbox One takes it to another level as it comes with an eight core processor and makes use of the AMD Jaguar chip series. The processor is definitely quicker and faster and the RAM which you will get with Xbox one is far better. Xbox 360 comes with 512 MB of RAM, but Xbox One on the other hand has 8 GB of RAM.

The improvement in RAM is extremely huge and this in itself is a proof of how effective the Xbox One is over Xbox 360.

The Graphics Comparison

The Xbox 360 runs on ATI Xenos GPU and the Xbox One seriously improved the graphical display by leaps and bound. When you are playing on Xbox One, you are going to be amazed by the clarity of the game. The picture is crystal clear and the graphics are so vibrant and realistic that you are going to be happy about upgrading from Xbox 360 to this newer model by Microsoft.

The Library

As Xbox 360 has been in the market for a longer time, the library is much stronger and it will give you lot more options to play with. While there are a great number of games that are also available for Xbox One, but still, if you are looking for variety, the Xbox 360 is likely to be the better choice for you. However, with time, almost all titles will be released for the Xbox One console as well.

The Media Skills

This is another part where the older Xbox 360 continues to have an upper hand. The Xbox One fails to be launched with the BBC iPlayer which is definitely one of the most used streaming portals. Further, it doesn’t even have an external hard drive support. However, the users are hopeful that in the updates that will be subsequently launched, this feature will be taken care of.

The Cost Factor

This is where there is the biggest difference between the two models. While the Xbox 360 250 GB version will cost you around £170, the Xbox One on the other hand is much more costly and is priced at £450 with a single game. If you buy multiple games, the cost is going to shoot higher.

So, now that you are aware of the details, the call is yours to take.

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