What are the Apps that Require a Jailbroken iPhone?

There are numerous reasons why IOS users decide to jailbreak their iPhones. From downloading pirated apps, tweaking default settings, enhancing functionality, and customizing the look and feel, a jailbroken iPhone can do all these and more.

A jailbroken iPhone’s capacity to download and install pirated apps is just one of its benefits. Now, you might want to add your favorite mobile apps and features but wondering if it is compatible before installing it.

Apps You Need After You Jailbreak an iPhone

Now that you have done it, what are the apps that require jailbroken iPhone?

Here are the apps that you might be interested in:

  • Filza

Filza is a file manager application that offers comprehensive access to IOS files for advanced file management. This also functions like as a media player and has the capabilities to do file sharing and text editing.

  • iCleaner Pro

The app comes in handy if you need an extra space for other applications since iCleaner helps remove unnecessary data. iCleaner Pro is also capable of deleting language related files like keyboard and voice control language.

  • CCHide

CCHide or Control Center Hide is a useful app to customize the display icons on your device. Show or hide various icons and options in just one tap.

  • HiddenSettings7

HiddenSettings7 lets users personalize the apps on your phone including the app slider, folder icons, control center, icon animations, and more.

  • Cylinder

This app provisions numerous effects on your phone at the same time allowing multiple combinations of animations.

  • iCaughtU

iCaughtU is an amazing app that helps you catch the  person who attempts to use your phone by capturing a photo and sending you notifications through email.

This works when an intruder enters the wrong password or lock key to unlock your phone which is very ideal if your concern is about privacy.

  • ShortLook

Another excellent app that provides you with notifications when someone sends you a message or tries to contact you. ShortLook also lets you choose between transparent and black background, set contact photos, and more.

  • CyDelete

CyDelete works the same with the Cyndia app that lets you delete unnecessary apps on your phone in just a couple of seconds.

  • Snowboard

This is another great app that you can add to a newly jailbroken iPhone that provisions you to change your application’s icons. Snowboard is also battery efficient.

  • DarkSounds

This app does not consume a lot of battery power. DarkSounds will darken the messages and Apple music app.

Although jailbreaking is legal in the United States, doing so is a risk. Altering the original manufacturer’s settings risks your data and phone security.

In addition, even though apps that require jailbroken iPhone do exciting changes on your phone, it still poses a threat considering that you are willingly permitting hackers and developers to access your data, images gallery, contact information, messages, and such.

But if you really cannot resist the benefits of these apps that require jailbroken iPhone, then, you can download these apps at your own risk.

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