Fallout 4 Release Date Of Upcoming Sequel in Fallout Franchise

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Fallout was created by Interplay Entertainment and it’s a role playing video game (RPG) which is set in a post apocalyptic era. The action takes place somewhere between the 12th and the 13th century.

Fallout series

Fallout 1

The first version of Fallout was released back in 1997, and the action takes place in Southern California, in the year 2161. The game starts with the protagonist who’s searching a water chip that he/she need to get in order to replace another chip that is broken in Vault 13, the underground shelter home.

Fallout 2

The second version of Fallout was released in 1998 and came with a lot of changes in it. Some fans even called it the revised version of the Fallout 1.

The action in Fallout 2 takes place 80 years later. In the second sequel of Fallout, you will have to save the Arroyo village, after so many years of drought and critical situations.

Fallout 3

After Fallout 2 was released, it took the company up to 10 years to release the next sequel of this great franchise. Fallout 3 was released on October 28, 2008, which came with some graphical improvements that blown fans away. The action in Fallout 3 sends you 30 years in the future, after Fallout 2. We see our character forced to run when he sees that the chief comes to arrest him and his father. Once our character escapes, he will start looking for his father in Wasteland.

Fallout 4

Bethesda Softworks is the company that currently has the license for Fallout, and here’s what we know until now about this upcoming game:

– Back in January 2013, Erik Dellums who was one of the voices from Fallout 3, wrote on his twitter account that he might return in the upcoming Fallout 4, rekindling hope in the hearts of the fans, who hoped that Fallout 4 will be released soon;
– In November 2013, a website was hosting a countdown timer and the timer was believed to be set for the upcoming Fallout 4. However, Bethesda told the fans to ignore that countdown timer.
– There were rumors saying that Bethesda will come at E3 2014 with Fallout 4. They attended E3 2014, but without Fallout 4.


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