GOP FORUM: All 7 Candidates in one Setting

10:36: We’re starting in Springfield. All of them are on stage now. 10:36: First question for Mr. Wardell. Question: Many of you weighed in on the problem of illegal immigration…

10:36: We’re starting in Springfield. All of them are on stage now.

10:36: First question for Mr. Wardell. Question: Many of you weighed in on the problem of illegal immigration – shed some light on this:

  • Wardell:  Illegal immigration steals jobs from those who need the work. Our border security is lacking, and allows the immigrants to pass the border unchecked. We can’t continue this process.
  • Nodler: Responsibilities of federal government is to secure the border. I said more than twenty years ago i havd no problem with the use of military forces to secure the border.
  • Long: I’m definitely in favor in closing- tightening our borders, not only for immigration, but for terrorist and things. i’m in favor of using the military, as well as finishing the fince. What do they not understand about illegal?
  • Moon: Borders – we should employ the state patrol. They could also incarsorate illegals, incent them 20-30 dollars per head.
  • Goodman: failure to address illegal immigration is one of the biggest failures of the republican party nationally. thats one of the few things the federal government. I do support using the military, I do support closing the border, i do support finishing the fence.
  • Moore: prosecute the illegals and the business owners who hire them. The first thing we need to do is enforce our own laws. Other than the federal governess, employers need to do their part. Also, we need to increase our foreign aid to bring jobs to latin america.
  • Wisdom: I will protect our national sovreignty. That is a legitimate function of our fedeal government. I would support a two prong approach : we have to put our military on the border, and enforce illegal immigration by businesses.


  • Moore: find solutions to ideas and focus on ideas instead of personalities. I was a debater – trial attorney – and i believe when you have a vigerous discussion about the ideas, you solve problems.
  • Wisdom: I also agree that we have to remain united as a party. If we do not do so, we’re going to ensure liberal maintain control of congress. I have been a big supporter of tea parties. I’m upset with both parties – i’m proud to be a republican, but i’m not happy with the party. we have to remember to stay to conservative roots and conservative values. If we do that, we will return power to the states and the people where it belongs.
  • Wardell: AS a party, we have lost our way. We believe in small government – states rights, and i believe in some factors, we have lost our way. Once we get back to our core values – the bickering goes away.
  • Nodler: I don’t agree with the premice that this is going to be negative race. we need to stick to Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment. Now, there will be issues, but everyone here should make a commitment to ronald reagan’s commandment.
  • LONG: Out of the 9 of us that are running, i have yet to meet one of them who is running for the wrong reason. One of us is going to win, and whoever that winner is, The democrats are probably not going to put up a big fight in this race – and we need to put up a fight to keep Robin Carnahan in the United States senate.
  • Moon: Question about fair action in the party: we have to avoid taking cheap shots.  Don’t take healthy debate as a cheap shot. President Obama was the best thing that could happen to the republican party.
  • Goodman: I believe we’re at a crossroads in our nation. I think it’s imperative to strengthen, amplify the voice of the republican party. If there are candidates here to smear, that candidate will be losing ground. These candidates aren’t interested in slash and burn politics.

Third question to mike moon: how would you keep medicare and social security from going solvent:

  • MOON: Social security not meant to be a forever solution to the problem. I believe we should privatize social security, like president bush wanted to.
  • Goodman: step one: stop robbing those funds for other liberal interests. those are funds people have been paying into. We’ve gotta stop robbing those programs – we’ve got to get more money in the hands of the people, to create jobs.
  • Moon: Balance the budget by 20 years.
  • Wisdom: I’ll tell you that we do have a big problem with social security, Medicare, Medicaid in this country. I’m for reinvesting these funds in the private sector.
  • Wardell: Nice to see some of my compeditors have been reading my website – i’ve been out with this since october. Social security is going broke, so what are we going to do to fix it? Privitising puts it in the hands of wall street. We can not continue tapping in to the trust funds.
  • Nodler: The problem is Berney Madoff didn’t create the biggest ponzee scheme in US history, the US Government did. We need to clearly declare that we will keep faith with every american who has paid into social security. The US Gov. has to stand by the overcommitment made to our citizens. Rep. Party needs to say “We are going to keep our promises to american citizens.”
  • Long: the Long  answer is we can only deal with 1/3 of our budgets, the only 2/3 are are entitlements. MEL HANCOCK announced he has endorsed my candidacy.


  • Wisdom: With new reform, “choice is going to be diminished – doctors are going to leave business. Deem and pass is unconstitutional. IF the president signs the the bill, Pres. Obama is going to face an investigation for crime against this country.
  • Wardell: Nobody has ever mentioned tort reform in this entire debacle, nobody has talked about being able to buy across state lines. Getting the governemnt out of our way, and letting me make decisions with my physician.
  • NODLER: THe dmes. are trying to promise a statement a system to cover more Americans, but that just can’t happen. It will result in less medical care for fewer Americans
  • LONG: “I don’t want the same people who wrote cash for clunkers managing my health care. I don’t want the government in there monkeying with that.” “If elected in congress, repealing the bill they’re gonna pass tomorrow will be my first act.”
  • Moon: This is a ludacris plan. Have you read this book, the US constitution? This bill is unconstitutional. IF this passes, we’ve gotta stand up on our own two feet, because it ought to be repealed pronto.
  • Goodman: I have a constitutional amendment i’ve filed, the governor or the people of this state, will be able to file a challenge with the attorney general under the 10th amendment to challenge the bill.
  • Moore:  What’s the immeidate impact – nothing. There ought to be a lawsuit passed. We invited this Deem and Pass – we used it too.

What qualifies your or differentiates you to be our congressman:

  • Goodman: I’ve taken risks,  created jobs. I got into public service because I was a frustrated missouri voter. I got in, I felt like I could make a difference, and missouri’s had a great conservative revolution. I come in as a guy who’s just a neighbor who gets it. I have a track record of fixing what is broken.
  • Moore: I resolved when I grew up on the west side of springfield that the way to make change was to go to law school. I’m leaving a sure job now to run for congress. I made a choice to run for congress because there are pressing issues and challenges that need to be dealt with.”
  • Wisdom: I’m proud that I’m not a career politician, as well as I’m proud to be a educator. I’m proud that I’m a veteran. I’ve stood face to face with al Queada. I know what its like to face tough people. I’m also an economist. I’m also the first candidate that has issued a pledge to the 7th district an economic plan to fix our country.
  • Wardell: The house of representatives is supposed to be the representatives of the normal people. The house was supposed to be regular folks. “the people who go to work every day and struggle don’t have a very good voice in DC. I believe I have that background – I have been a marine, I’ve owned a small business.”
  • Nodler: Experience. “I’m the oldest candidate in this race.” My “level of experience is unchallenged.” I have private sector experience – i’ve built 3 small busineeses.”
  • Long: “Our founding fathers had a vision to send citizen legislators – not legislator legislators.” “I don’t want to work in the system – I wanna work ON the system.”
  • Moon: If you plan to eat today, you’re welcome. I’m a farmer. I educate my children at home. I’m not a millionaire, I rub elbows with the average citizen. I’m a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I’m so thankful for america allowing us to worship freely.

Next ? to Nodler: Seek earmarks outside of the fed. competitive grand process:

  • Nodler: Earmark system has gone bad. Founding fathers created a congress with the purse strings in the hand of the house. The improper buying and treating the congress like an auction house is a problem.
  • Long: I’ve came out against earmarks. If you vote for your good earmark, you have to vote for 400+ more earmarks.
  • Moon:  Earmarking process is part of the problem. We ought to have one bill, one vote.
  • Goodman: Our appropriation process at the federal level is broken, flawed, and corrupt. When we do get a clean process, i’m going to require that three questions be answered in the affirmative: 1) legit government function 2) legit federal function. 3) Is this the real problem?
  • Moore: Agrees with Mr. Goodman. The time has come for the fed. government to sacrifice. If you vote for me for congress, i’m not going to vote for a earmark for Greene county.
  • Wisdom: I want to shift taxes to the local level. There will be no earmarks.
  • Wardell: Earmarks don’t increase the budget. Do I believe reform needs to happen? Yes. Transparency is important,and it needs to happen. I’m for a certain amount of earmarks. It’s constitutional and the right thing to do at times.

Question for Billy Long: Address the key family value issues:

  • Long: Abortion is my key issue. When you devalue live, you devalue everything. Also – we’ve gotta figure out something on this meth situation.
  • Moon: Educate your children the way you see fit. I believe in the defense of marriage. Even as a party, we are joining with others who say its ok for a man to marry man, a woman to marry a woman, a dog or a cat, whatever folks, it’s ludicrous. (32 mins)
  • Moore: I agree with Senator Goodman. The key family value issue for this campaign is “Will I have a job.” Will I be able to send my kids to school? Will I be able to have health insurance? Will I be able to retire.” They feel threatened with the growing federal government. I’m pro-life. I’m probably the only person up here who’s been sued by Planned Parenthood.
  • Wisdom: Creation of jobs is the most important family value. part of the problem is the entitlement mentality. IF you wanna create long term growth in this country, you don’t spread the money, you keep it in the hands of the people. I”m pro-life. Life begins at conception – period.
  • Wardell: The family values is a very important thing for my wife and I. The family value of charity. Being pro-life puts a target on your back. The family value of doing what’s right when it’s going to be hard is what I hope I can instill upon people around me.
  • Nodler: “The move away form the historical foundation of our country is really part of what causes our family values to be debated in this country. Recognizing marriage as between a man and a woman is something for all 50 states.

Wardell gets the first shot at the next. Fundraising. How important is money in this campaign?

  • Wardell: “I realized it’s a big challenge to go up against when you don’t have much money. ‘How can you win if you haven’t raised half a million dollars or more?’ I think this election is going to be an election of ideas.
  • Nodler: “Obviously, you have to have the resources to get the message out. I would welcome the day when the media allows that free time.”
  • Long: “Sick and tired of them spending money like democrats. I need more money than these other guys – they’re on TV every night.”
  • Moon: I truly believe the top dollar winner in this campaign won’t win.
  • Goodman: Now more than ever, people won’t want grassroots campaigning. They’re going to play a stronger role in this election than they have in the past.” “Policy isn’t sold to the highest bidder.”
  • Moore: Everything Sen. Goodman said. I’m not a politician – my goal is to do the job I’ve been elected to do. People are tired of business as usual.  The key is door to door. The people I know are average folks – middle class america.
  • Wisdom: It’s my hope this election is not about the money. If you want me to achieve something – tell me I can’t do it. This is going to be a defining election in this country.

Question to Moore: Quiok answer: three areas of the fed. budget you would cut if elected.

  • Moore: education dept needs to be eliminated. Is the energy dept really doing anything?
  • Wisdom: I’d cut the US Dept of Education. The education of our kids should be decided at the state level. I’d get rid of the dept. of energy.”
  • Wardell: Dept. of Education. State Dept. Foreign aid.
  • Nodler: Cut foreign aid – UN Dues – what a waste of money that is.”
  • Long: I agree with all of the above. We need to do the taxing/spending limitation.
  • Moon: cabinet agencies need to be eliminated.
  • Goodman: Waste, fraud, and abuse. Foreign aid.


Wardell: “My father and my mother instilled something in me called character. Doing the right thing when it’s needed and nobody is looking is the most important thing to do. I will be traveled to Japan – republicans abroad have invited me.”

Nodler: Cutting earmarks: “All the spending priorities be left to Barack Obama.” “need candidates with substantial public experience.”

Long: We’ve got enough experience in Washington. I envision myself as a poor-man’s cross between Paul Harvey and Rush Limbaugh. I’m doing it for the right reasons. They like lifetime politicians in DC – i’ll be your eyes and ears in Washington. I’ve done the grass roots stuff – we loaded up in our ford pickup before Scott Brown got in his.”

Moon: “A 25 Million dollar forgivable loan can’t happen.” My number one priority is to represent you. I don’t wanna give up my farm.  – calls Gop to “Hold my feet to the fire.”

Goodman: “In the last election, too many people were brought in with slick talk and charisma. The solutions they have brought have been disastrous for America.” “We’ve seen unsustainable deficits.” “People across this country are hurting today. We’ve got to bring jobs back to american families today.” “I think this district wants their congressman to be someone who gets it.”

Moore: “We’re here today in honor of the first republican president.” “..he learned common since.” “I’m asking for your support because I care. I care about how public policy impacts the people.”

Wisdom: “A president can’t spend one penny unless congress spends the money. I”m proud to be the grandson of two sets of grandparents who’ve lived through the depression.” “I got the values of perseverance, handwork, and motivation.” I wanna go to DC to serve you “like I did in Iraq.”

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