Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Clash of Clans on your iPad, iPhone or Android device

When you’ll start playing Clash of Clans, you will find out that the game is very complex and you will need some “guides” here and there in order to succeed. Today, we’re going to give you some Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Clash of Clans, so you can enjoy this great game from the first second you start playing it.

Playing Clash of Clans

1. Gold, Elixirs and Gems

When you’ll start playing Clash of Clans, you will notice that in the upper right you will have 3 colors of resources:  yellow, pink and green. Yellow is for Gold, Pink is for Elixir and Green is for Gem.

With Gold, you will be able to create buildings such as Town Hall, Cannons, Towers, and you can upgrade them.

With Elixir, you can upgrade some buildings like Barracks, Gold mines, later you can upgrade them and also train troops.

Gems are the game’s premium currency, and at the beginning of the game you will get some free Gems, and you will also get some extra Gems by completing some specific achievements. However, these Gems can be bought with real money, so that’s the way Supercell, the developers of this game, get some money for developing this game. You can use Gems to instantly create/upgrade a building or instantly train your troops, so yeah, this currency is used to speed things up. You can also “trade” gems for Gold or Elixir, which might be frustrating for the players who don’t spend a dollar on this game and notice how fast other players’ Villages are evolving.

In the middle top of your screen you will notice how many builders you have. These builders will be creating and upgrading your buildings. If you have 1 builder, that means that you can create/upgrade only one building at a time, if you have two you can create/upgrade two buildings at a time and so on. The maximum number of builders you can own is five.

Creating Builders will require Gems, so we suggest you to use your Gems to get them, since you will need multiple Builders to speed things up in this game.


There are a lot of buildings in Clash of Clans, and we will try to explain a bit of each one.

The resource collectors will collect gold and elixir and once they are full you will need to tap over them in order to collect the resources. This can be done until they are full also.

The resource storage buildings are required in order to keep a large amount of resources, and in the early phase of the game you will not need them to be too high. However, they will be very important when you will need a lot of resources to build a Town Hall level 8, like we told you above.

The army buildings are for training and improving the troops that you will send into battle. You will want to bring this building to level 2, 3 as soon as possible.

The defensive structures are of course, for defending your village from attackers. These structures are static one and you will place them in a strategic location in order to destroy your invaders. You will want to protect them with walls, and also place them near your resource storage buildings and Town Hall.


Raiding in Clash of Clans might look simple, but things get complicated when you are raiding a well protected Village. You will have 30 seconds to decide if you are going to attack your enemy or not, and if you are going to attack him you should already have to come up with a strategy in less than 30 seconds. Don’t deploy your troops randomly, since you will most likely lose the battle and that would be a waste of time and also a waste of elixirs.

Tips and Tricks

In Clash of Clans you don’t get any penalties if you want to move buildings around after they are built. Don’t be afraid to experiment other kinds of layouts if you see that the attackers destroyed your village with ease. Try different layouts and see what suits your style better.

Try to have a good defensive Village after you start raiding, because it is most likely that you will get a good amount of enemies after a few succeeded raids. The ones you attack will notice in their defensive log that you attacked them and they will have the option to get their “revenge”, so they’ll attack you back.

After you have your camps full and you want to go for a raid, start training other troops even if they don’t have “space” in the camps. As soon as you deploy troops to the village you raid, there will be enough room and the Barracks will start training them. This means that you will win 2-3 minutes of training each time you raid. Keep in mind that the troops which are deployed in raid will be lost even if they don’t die in combat.

Use the “elixir” storage trick, and queue wall breakers (since they cost a good amount of elixir), in order to “save” your resources. This way, if someone attacks and destroy your village, he will not be able to take those resources. When you get back online, just cancel the training of your wall breakers and you will get back all the invested elixirs.

Mortars can be a pain for the attackers, and you will want to put them in the center of the village next to the Town Hall and try to protect them with Cannons and Towers.

Try to keep your village as “packed” as you can, and build walls around it in order to slow the attackers’ advancement, while they are being attacked by your defensive structures.


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