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The Need for SpellUp

The youngsters today are in a rat race to gulp down the acronyms, short forms, alternatives and shorter ways to kill the dignity of English Language.

This uprising has also seen the advent of billions failing to spell simple words like ‘important’ or ‘vacuum’ accurately.

Google has now set out its next goal to educate the blindingly humungous tech savvy community to re-explore and register the spellings of simple to 7-8 digit words with the help of a simple and educationally enlightening game that strengthens your English Language.

Voice Recognition to Set Platform for Right Pronunciation and Spelling

This experimental idea to correct both vocal and written accuracy of a text has set Google’s ingenious standards to a much higher horizon. This simple game uses the recognition techniques of your voice in exceptional clarity to check and make you Spell accurately the said word to level-up. This leap is set to educate and improve its user’s English language understanding with the usage of speech synthesis and basic voice recognition. The data uses the right English or the Queen’s English to evaluate the Gamers.

How to Play the Game

The game, unlike other games, has no YouTube Video hint or cheat codes to skip to qualification or to build up, but the users can start at any level they want. If you are looking to comprehend and learn, you should start at the bottom of the given ‘word’ tower. The word ‘Up’ in its title is allotted keeping in mind its feature of building height to the tower after qualifying each level and learning new words. Gamers can, hence, start at the desired level and choose the category of words.

Subsequently, the automated voice pronounces the word in its right diction, stress and intonation. Upon which, the Gamer should spell the spellings of the words back to the Voice Recording device.

The Game also provides options and alternatives to keep off from boredom, such as Guessing games for words, Fill in the Missing Letters, Unscrambling new words and Pronouncing words accurately.

Just like the format of the infamous Spelling Bee Competition, Gamers are provided Definitions, Parts of Speech, Etymology to build up points which can also be used to avail a second chance at times where they have been incorrect.

The Origin of This Idea

This ingenious idea is a product of Google’s Mind Master Xavier Barrade and its Creative Lab in London. The Game combines yester years’ technological releases like Web Speech API and speech synthesis. Put into one bowl, these apps amalgamate to let its users speak up to input it as data and use the later to customize its replies. Barrade adds that Spell Up is not just a commercial game, but has been developed with rigorous contribution from both, Web designers and Teachers.

Future Uses

Forgetting the usage of internet today by kids to scrape into the domains of excess frolicking and sites with manipulative content, this will surely help them focus on all the three aspects of Listening, Writing and Learning. Also, Google will soon strive to expand the app to add more linguistic aspects of many more languages to direct all people towards right comprehension and understanding of linguistics.

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