Viber vs. WhatsApp – The Better Choice among the Two

Are you looking to stay connected with your international friends?

There are different apps which you can use. Here, we will compare two of the top rated apps, namely WhatsApp and Viber and analyze the features each one has to offer.

WhatsApp – The Ultimate App For Messaging

When it comes to mobile apps which allow you to stay connected, WhatsApp definitely deserves to be on the top of the list. Recently owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is currently one of the most used apps with a huge user base.

It is free from advertisements and is available for free download. However, you need to pay a yearly subscription after one year of free usage. Some of the best features offered by WhatsApp include the following.

Group Chat

Do you want to convey the same message to a group of people? WhatsApp now makes it easier to have group conversations. You can make a group, add people to it and then have a conversation that you will cherish. Not just text messages, you can send images, audio clips, videos and even share contact details and more.

Personalization Option

We all love to personalize the apps we use. WhatsApp allows you to add a wallpaper of your choice and thereby customize the app to make it look the way you want. There are not many personalization options available. However, you can change your profile picture and even your status as well to let your friends know what you are thinking.

Multimedia Messages On The Go

Perhaps, one of the most revolutionary features is the ease with which you can send pictures, videos and even your location. You can share the pictures with anyone in your contact list. The emoticons you have are diverse too and expressing yourself is going to be a whole lot easier.

Greater Privacy Options

Ever since the new update was launched, you can now control your last seen details and even your profile picture. You can choose to hide it from unknown contacts. These options have been applauded by users because they have brought in better privacy settings.

Can Viber Live Up To The Hype Generated By WhatsApp?

While there is no doubt about the fact that WhatsApp is the top choice, Viber too enjoys its own share of popularity. One of the key features that makes Viber stand apart from the crowd is the availability of a desktop version.

While you need to have a mobile number for registering your account even on the desktop version, it becomes much easier to stay connected. You can also make free calls from Viber which is not available on WhatsApp.

The rest of the features are nearly similar. Owing to the free call facility, Viber is increasing in popularity because it can help you keep your phone bills in control. As both apps are available for free download, you can use both of them and then pass your own verdict regarding which among them seems to be the apt choice.

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