Moto G 2013 vs Moto G 2014 – Best Comparison of Specs, Features and Design

The following version for the Moto G has been recently released. In reports the second device is named Moto G2, but actually it was launched with the same name as the anterior version.

The first one, Moto G was purchasable under $200 and it managed to have huge sales in the United States.

Here is a short comparison between the first Moto G (from 2013) and the latest Moto G (from 2014) to help you to decide which one is worth buying.


When it comes to the design, the newest Moto G is pretty similar to the original one, although it differs with a sleeker look and a thinner body. The first Moto G weighs 143g, which is a bit lighter than the new one that have149g weight.

The design of the Moto G was very attractive and that’s why the company tough of providing a larger phone with almost the same design.

The Moto G rolled out with a display of 4.7 inches that was a HD screen with 720 p and a pixel density at 329 ppi, whereas, the 2014 version comes equipped with a larger display of 5-inch, the same resolution as the first one and a pixel density of 294 ppi. However, the latest device provides an outstanding viewing and it is brighter.


The previous Moto G featured an average primary camera at only 5 MP, which was an inconvenience. Now, the company has upgraded the new phone with a primary camera of 8 MP, offering the capability to shoot good and sharp photos.


The 2013 version was released preloaded with the Android OS 4.3 Jelly Bean that is upgradable to the new version 4.4.4 KitKat. Moto G (from 2014) is running on Android OS v4.4.4 KitKat and it hosts new features such as Motorola Alert and the Motorola Assist.


The first Moto G didn’t provide an external memory port, while the new handset’ memory storage can be extent up to 32 GB via micro SD card.

The same specification that came with the previous Moto G like the processing at 1.2 GHz with quad core Snapdragon 400 chipset, Adreno305 graphics, along with 1GB of RAM and a battery capacity of 2070mAh are also integrated in the latest Moto G.

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