Watch Dogs Gets New DLC Named Conspiracy

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Before you get annoyed and slam Ubisoft for releasing a DLC so early when the game itself is full of bugs, get a grip!

This is not actual downloadable content that is going to add new skin packs, maps or some huge missions. It is more of a trip that provides an experience to players who have fallen in love with the game. But, make sure you take note of the fact that the company is actually working hard to fix the issues that players are already facing. Right from the release date, Watch Dogs has been plagued with problems on almost all platforms. Maybe, people who played it on PS3 and Xbox 360 didn’t have much to complain about.

The game was completely diluted to run on consoles that are nearly eight years old. The process affected the overall quality of the title as well because it shows mediocre results on PS4 while it is an extremely annoying experience on the PC. There have been bugs, glitches and frame rates stuttering from time to time. Ubisoft has confirmed that their team is busy working on a patch fix which will roll out shortly. It didn’t end there because PS4 and Xbox One owners have Uplay issues as well. Some of them reported that they got stuck in the loading screen and it is assumed that the problem is related to the rewards system. As soon as someone claims their rewards and loads the game, it stops at the loading screen and doesn’t move forward.

Experience A Digital Trip

Not everyone is aware of this feature but Watch Dogs has an extensive digital trip, which is more like a mini-game, that you could try. The new DLC conspiracy uses augmented reality features which will change the face of Chicago and will populate the entire city with cyborgs. Now, your job is to kill them all and they will keep coming at you. The variety of modes available in this downloadable content is yet to be known. For those of you who are interested to try it out and kill some cyborgs, the Conspiracy is available for $5. It is for players who have purchased the basic edition of the game but those who have already paid for the season pass priced at $20, the DLC will be available for free.

All you have to do is download it and start playing to your heart’s content. The actual experience offered by these new additions can be experienced only if Ubisoft releases the patch in time. With players complaining of multiple issues related to Watch Dogs, it’s time the company takes timely action and makes sure they don’t annoy those who paid $60 for the AAA title that was in development for more than five years.

Some of the issues associated with Watch Dogs are related to the Game Works program that Ubisoft signed with Nvidia. They have confirmed the continuation of the partnership with the company for all their upcoming titles including Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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