WhatsApp – Will It Stand The Test of Time?

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No doubt the popularity of WhatsApp has increased over the last couple of years.

This increased popularity has made it the most popular instant messaging app today. Many love and use it mostly for its efficiency and user-friendliness.

However, even with its more than 200 million users globally, this instant messaging app is still facing tough competition from other IM service providers. This tough competition is what has led to the many improvements made to WhatsApp by independent innovators.

In essence, the improvements can be seen as a more improved version of WhatsApp that has additional options and advanced features. The additional options enable user interface customization using colorful and even transparent themes.

Features That Come With the New Whatsapp Version

With the new WhatsApp, users are able to hide their “Last Seen” date option. Previously, the only way users could do so was by installing a separate app into their phones. Now, this option is actually a feature in WhatsApp and this makes it much easier for users to hide their last seen dates. It also helps save up on space that would have been occupied by the app. Now, no one will be able to know when you last used your WhatsApp account.

The image quality has now improved. Most IM services have great features, but image quality is always the one thing IM service users always complain about. The old version of WhatsApp reduces image quality and size. Now, the new WhatsApp version allows users to upload original image versions.

Media sharing is easier. The new WhatsApp version has a 16MB media sharing limit. Users also have the option of additional space of up to 50MB. Compared to the old WhatsApp version, this is a major change. Users can now share locations, contact and voice messages with ease.

Updating your status and seeing updated statuses is now easier. The first WhatsApp version required its users to refresh their contacts list if they wanted to see the latest status updates from their contacts. This was tiresome and even rather boring. Now, you can see all up-to-date status updates below a conversation or chat. Each time your contact updates their status, it automatically updates itself below your conversation.

You can also change the icon color. If you are bored with the default green icon color, you can now change it to a color that pleases your eye. You have an array of color options to choose from, including pink, blue, cyan, grey, red and orange. You can even change it back to the default green.

Changing the look of your screen is now also possible. Users can change how their contact icons, chat screen, main screen and conversation screen. That is not all; you can have the hard edges on pictures rounded, and even modify the headers and rows of your chats and contacts. The best part is that there are many different themes to choose from.

Getting the new WhatsApp

You just back up any conversation you want to retain from your previous install and download the new WhatsApp from online resources. Unfortunately, this version is still not available in app stores, but probably will be, soon.

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