Minecraft PS4 and PS3 Will Not Be Discontinued By Microsoft

While it is still in the level of a rumor, Microsoft representatives and inside sources have confirmed that Minecraft PS4 as well as PS3 editions will not be removed if the company buys Mojang as planned.

It has been said that the company is up for sale for a hefty $2 billion and Microsoft is the contender to purchase it. Official information is yet to be revealed, but going by the latest new leaks, it can be confirmed that this deal is almost done. Sony fans were really worried when it first came out because they assumed the Xbox One and Xbox 360 owner will try to make the game an exclusive to their platform. You don’t have to!

Sony Consoles Are Safe

Microsoft’s buyout of Mojang is more for future proofing rather than trying to wipe Sony off the Minecraft scene. The inside source said, “Microsoft will keep the game available for rival products.” Irrespective of the purchase, the development studio 4J will continue to work on the PS Vita version of the game, which is still under development. The Minecraft PS4 version got released recently after successfully completing certificate testing. There were no rumors of a buyout until MS came out of the blue to purchase the company along with their hugely successful franchise.

Mark Persson Will Quit

If the news is to be believed, Mark Persson the founder of the studio Mojang will leave his position in the company. It is really sad to know that the original developer of the game will abandon the ship. If Minecraft PS4, Xbox One and PC have survived so long, it is because he was behind it all the time. Every update that he along with his team that was brought to PC was later transferred to the consoles by 4J studios.

Those who were inside these companies revealed that the talks on selling Mojang had been going on  for a while and they were discussing the price with Microsoft. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox division has a great relationship with Persson and the duo was planning this unofficially until now. Last year in a interview, Persson said, “We have no plans to sell the company because Minecraft prevails because of the freedom that we have in decision making.” Times have changed but at least we know for sure that the game will still be on all Sony consoles, including the handheld PS Vita.


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