One of the essential software for smartphones and computers is the Adobe Flash Player. This application plays videos, runs games and displays content on websites.

Why upgrade to Adobe Flash Player asap?

Since so many people are using Adobe Flash Player, the developers are constantly upgrading not only because it’s needed, but because of the glitches hackers find and which must be fixed urgently. Whenever you see a new version of Adobe Flash Player, you should download and install it! With other words, if you run Adobe Flash Player, you should upgrade it to 14 for: visual quality, speed and security.

Improved Visual Quality on Adobe Flash Player 14

Adobe Flash Player 14 comes with better texture and bitmap support, smoother animation, 1080 HD resolution for 3D and 2D games and videos. When you will run a video or game while having Adobe Flash Player 14 installed, if the device supports HD, they will look considerable better.

Reduced Loading Time on Adobe Flash Player 14

Since we live in a fast paced world, we want things to run faster and not waste too much time while waiting some programs to load. Adobe Flash Player 14 will take full advantage of your CPU’s cores and it will now load and respond faster to commands.

More secure Adobe Flash Player 14

Adobe Flash Player 14 comes with fixed glitches – found in vulnerabilities and gave an opportunity to hackers to copy the cookie which is needed to authenticate on a website. The hackers were also able to add content at the beginning or at the end of a Flash file, which was a high threat for users of the application.

Updating Adobe Flash Player to 14

Many users don’t know what version of Adobe Flash Player they have installed. In order to simply check the Adobe Flash Player version you have on your PC, go to helpx from adobe. In case you don’t have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, you will be prompted to get the update.

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