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GPS navigation has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

It is convenient to use and helps millions of people to navigate, throughout the globe, in different ways. Google Maps is one of the most popular GPS navigation apps around.

Exploring with Google Maps goes past just finding restaurants and their locations – you can search for locations of interest based on the weather, the distance you are willing to cover or even the time of day you want to go there.

Fly Around Big Cities via Google Maps

Did you know that you can now fly over cities around the world without leaving your seat? Google Maps has made all this possible thanks to the new 3D interactive map. To start the journey, type an address of any City in the world. Next, select earth, then click on tilt option. From there, you can rotate, tilt, zoom and pan the destination from whichever angle.

The possibilities which have come with the 3D Google Maps’ capabilities are endless. You can now see Shakespeare’s globe or see Sherlock’s house.

Advantages of Using Google Maps

– You are always going to know where you are going and where you are. This is the main purpose is to let users know their current location or have a direction to their intended destination. This app gives users, direction on different roads to use based on the mode of transportation.

– You can view or create custom maps: This means that you can use your Google account to save or add shapes, lines and landmarks to your maps and use them as your guide. You can also open these maps whenever you need them. This mostly comes in handy when you are visiting places you are not familiar with.

– You have access to suggestions about nearby places: For example, if you are looking for a hotel or restaurant and have never been there, worry not. Google Maps saves all reviews given by people who have been there. If you are also in a new area and are looking for social amenities, you will have the information you need, on all social amenities in that area.

While these advantages are amazing, there is a downside that comes with using Google Maps. Some of them include:

– You can get overly dependent on the app and your phone. This might, in turn, make it slightly boring for you, especially, if you are the adventurous type.

– You may end up not communicating even with the locals: Going on vacation to a new city is more than just the attraction sites. It is also about mingling with the locals. Since you have all the information you need with this app, you might end up never saying much to the locals. You will, therefore, miss out on a very interesting part of your vacation.

Even with the downside, Google Maps has proven to be a reliable and efficient GPS navigation application. This app is compatible with different platforms and is free to download. All you have to do is download it from your operating system’s app store, install it and create an account.

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