Battlefield Hardline Beta 2 Is Coming This Fall

We haven’t heard of any games that get two betas in a couple of months but Battlefield Hardline is going to be an exception for some reason.

The cops and robbers multiplayer action game from Electronic Arts has some plans up its sleeve which we couldn’t understand for now. But, from initial reactions to the title, it looks like most fans are not so happy with the game which looks more like another Battlefield 4 with a new skin to it. Besides, cops handling RPGs and robbers with advanced automatic rifles and gadgets sound surreal which has added fuel to the criticism, evoking it further. But, EA and Visceral might not just give up so easy because they believe that there will be a lot of new maps and game modes that will occupy players for a long time to come.

Hardline Is Being Perfected

After thanking gamers for participating in the beta, EA in their official blog confirmed that Battlefield Hardline will get another beta this fall before the release date of the game. Usually, betas are considered to be a hype machine that encourages gamers into pre-ordering the title. Maybe Electronic Arts wants to make sure they entice enough players to buy their new game and not abandon it because it doesn’t have anything new to offer yet. Besides, this could also be due to the fiasco that they faced with Battlefield 4. Increased beta time could always help developers gather more information related to game play performance, crashes and bugs that need to be fixed.

Sometimes ago, a leading head at EA apologized for the hurried release of BF4 which caused multiple issues and offered players little value for money. It took over six months to come up with a playable version of game which is still being monitored and problems are being solved every day. If they were serious about their words, then the company wants to make sure the same doesn’t happen again with Hardline which is why another beta is being hosted before the game’s release date.

Cinematic Single Player Campaign

The blog post not only confirmed the upcoming second beta for Battlefield Hardline but also added that the single player campaign is being restructured to offer a cinematic experience. The developers say that they have optimized the storyline and presentation in a way that it looks like the television series that people watch these days. It was not briefed in detail and the company is expected to talk more about it in the coming months. While the success ratio of the multiplayer version of Hardline is unclear at the moment, it looks the single player campaign will definitely be a worthy addition because of Visceral games behind it, than DICE who are notoriously known for their lackluster level designs. If you haven’t had the chance to play the game in the first beta, sign up for it once again and there might most probably be an invitation for everyone who signed up in the second beta which is right around the corner.

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