iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – A Few Details Worth Mentioning

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Here is a short comparison between the Apple with its iPhone 6 and Samsung with Galaxy S5 and HTC with M8. At the end of this article you’ll find out which one is the best performance regarding their processor, RAM and other specs.


Apple has just announced its new iPhone 6 series that will come with the 64bit A8 chip. It set the standards for smartphone processors when it launched the A7 and it is not stopping at this one. According to Tech Radar, the A8 that comes with the new series is a dual core system with an increased rate at reportedly 1.4 GHz. The company also disclosed in its latest event that the A8 will make the iPhone 6 phone series much faster than the anterior iPhone. Also it promises 50 percent more efficiency regarding the energy use age. However, when it comes to the RAM, the 1GB of RAM in the new series may be too less than the other rival phones.

On the other side, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a Snapdragon 801 chipset that has a clock speed of 2.5 GHz and it provides more RAM of 2 GB. Overall, Samsung seems to have the more powerful system. Nevertheless, this is not accurate because Samsung does not have the 64-bit silicon and software of the Apple that is able to increase to maximum the functionality and optimize its devices. After some benchmark tests that include the Anandtech’ test, Apple’s previous phone, iPhone 5S, was better than the Samsung Galaxy S5. So the new iPhone 6 will be surely over the Samsung’s devices.

The last but not the least, the HTC One M8 has the Snapdragon 801 SoC in it. Also the device comes bundled with an imposing and powerful quad core processor Krait CPU, although the GPU that is Adreno330 may be an inconvenience for some people. Due to a report in Extreme Tech, the A8 chipset has doubtlessly impressed all its users. The M8 motion co-processor also comes with better sensor capability with reduced power consumption. The HTC One M8 smartphone comes with the same function, even if HTC did not release the feature similar to Apple.


Samsung and Apple have already uttered and begun their journey in the health industry. Samsung comes with the SHealth, whereas the Apple provides the Healthbook. Both programs have been developed to function along with other external elements such as the Apple iWatch and the Galaxy Gear for Samsung. Thus, the Apple will release its iWatch with the second version of iPhone 6 scarcely next year, and then we could fully evaluate it. The iPhone 6 did not come as reported with a monitor for blood pressure on it. Both Apple and Samsung have similar sensors options like those for temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity. Apple is likely to be a little beyond the S5 due to its M8 co-processor that has the capability of monitoring distance and elevation. HTC M8 is packed with Fitbit for its healthcare approach. This application comes pre-loaded on the phone so the people are spared from buying it. It can be improved to display thirdparty details.


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