Clash of Clans – Best Defensive Tactics For Top Players

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In Clash of Clans, the defensive strategy, likewise offensive strategy plays a big role in your game economy. No matter how active you are in Clash of Clans, you still have things to do in real life, so you will be offline also, which means other players will attack you in between. To make sure that you won’t lose the resources while you are offline, you will need some defensive tactics. And these are:

1. Splash Damage

Most of the attackers will use Archers, Barbarians and Goblins to raid your base, mostly because they are cheap can have a low training time, and that’s where splash damage comes in handy. The Wizard Towers and Mortars are great defensive buildings, because they give splash damage, which means that they will give area of effect damage (AOE). Using these defensive buildings will give your attackers a hard time, because they will most likely lose all their troops until they reach your resource holders.

Your attackers will try to counter your defensive buildings with Lightning spells, so don’t put your defensive buildings side by side.

When you want to upgrade the defensive buildings, try to update one at a time, because when buildings are in the upgrading process, they will not defend the base.

2. Buildings that you need to protect at all costs

In Clash of Clans, you will not be able to protect all your buildings. You should protect the main building of your village, which is the Town Hall, and the resource storages. The rest of the buildings, such as barracks, laboratory, gold mines, elixir collectors, army camps, are not important and can be placed outside of the walls. However, keep your defensive buildings behind the walls, since you will need them to survive long enough to destroy the invaders.

3. Putting all the storage buildings in the same place is risky

Nowadays, in Clash of Clans many players use a rush tactic consisting of wall breakers and goblins. They destroy the wall nearby your storages and then send goblins, whose top priority is to attack storage buildings.  Of course you will win the battle; however, you will lose a lot of resources along the way, not to mention that you will not gain any shield, which means that you will be vulnerably for future attacks also.

To counter this strategy, you will want to place storages a bit far from each other and surround each one with walls. This will give your attackers a hard time and they will most likely fail many times.

4. Base layout

The unimportant buildings that you’ve put outside of your Walls, you can place them in a way that the attackers will have to attack them first until they reach your walls, but hopefully, this way they will get killed before reaching your resource buildings and Town Hall.

5. How to defend yourself against wall breakers

First, you will need to understand how wall breakers “think”.  Here are a few tips on how a wall breaker will react when being deployed to an enemy base.

  1.  He will firstly look for the nearest building that is surrounded by walls (fully or partially).
  2.  It will choose the shortest path to that building, destroying walls in its way.
  3.  After the walls that surround that building are taken down, they will chose another building that is surrounded by walls and they’ll do the same thing and will keep doing that until it dies or finishes doing its job.


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