Amazon App Store vs Google Play Store – Which Choice Should You Take?

If you are a user of a smartphones that runs on Android OS, than you’ll have two choices for setting up all of the apps that you need or want to try, so everyone has to choose between the Google Play store and Amazon App store. Therefore, let’s look at the two and learn more about them.

The Amazon App Store

Frist, for using the Amazon App store, you have to install it on your handset. Compared to Google Play this store does not provide as many applications.

One of its great features is that this is a 100% free application for everyday usage. This percent includes maybe an application that you do not desire, or you need to use on your handset.

Also, it is very easy of use. It has a pretty simple user interface making the searching for your favored apps and programs simpler to do. The Amazon App Shop requires some settings to do. If you own an Amazon Kindle Flame smartphone and you have the App Shop, all the apps that you get on are downloadable into your device, even the ones that you necessitate to purchase. One big downside regarding the App Store is that if you want it removed from your system, you will also have automatically deleted your apps that you’ve got from it, even those you paid for. This is a real inconvenience for many customers.

Google Play

Google is the most popular app installed on Android devices. It means that even without selecting it, you eventually end up with applications downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app store has a very simple comprehensive choice of apps and programs for you to pick and download from. They are categorized in two, apps for paying and apps that are 100 percent free. If you already know how the app that you need is named, you can simply search it, which is also a great feature and very comfortable that spears you from seeking through the limitless programs that you even do not want. Nevertheless, if you want to try an app that it’s new, it is likely to take bit longer for the app store to find it.

There are also a few downsides of the Google Play Store, but it all depends on what you require. The disadvantage is that if you get another Android handset, you will have to re-download the apps and programs.


Overall, Google Play offers many things, which Amazon doesn’t. Both the platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, but because Google is so more popular that it often wins over the Amazon when people are asked on which one they like best. It a small chance that you have never user one of the Amazon or the Google Play, but if you did not then you should try both of them and see which one will become your favored.

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