iPhone 6 Set to Be Launched in the First Week of October

The smartphone industry is abuzz with leaked pictures and specifications, claiming to give an insight into the next iPhone.

The iPhone 6, it could also be called as the iPhone Air, is set to be launched in the next few weeks and could take the smartphone segment by storm once again. After the iPhone 5 increased the screen size of the iPhone to 4 inches, it showed the world that Apple were seriously prepared to consider increasing the screen size of the device, contrary to their founder Steve Jobs’ vision.


It is now almost certain that the iPhone 6 could come with the biggest ever display on an iPhone. The 4.7 inch display will see the iPhone 6 come almost on par with the flagship smartphones from companies like Samsung and HTC. These devices, running on the Android operating system, have had a huge advantage in this regard. This could be wiped out with the iPhone 6 launch. There have also been rumors that there will be a larger version of the iPhone, in order to compete against phablets like the Galaxy Note 3. It could come a few months after the iPhone 6.


The increase in screen size is expected to be met with an increase in resolution. After the recent launch of 4K resolution in smartphones from LG and Samsung, the benchmark for pixel density has gone far beyond the level set by the retina display. It is about time Apple came back with a bang. Initial reports, though, suggest that the iPhone 6 is unlikely to feature a 4K display. Instead, it will improve the resolution substantially, so as to provide around 400 PPI in pixel density. The recently launched LG G3 featuring a 4K display, provides a pixel density of more than 500 PPI.

Clock speeds on the iPhone 6 processor are expected to touch the 2 GHz mark for the first time. The phone is expected to come with a 2 GHz dual core processor that will be termed as the A8 chip. One can expect significant improvements in the graphics department as well.


Camera is one area where not many changes are expected, in terms of megapixel count. This may be a disappointment to some, who have seen Sony come out with 20 megapixel cameras and Samsung offer close to those figures. Despite being only an eight megapixel camera, the iPhone 6 is expected to support 4K video recording.


In order to accommodate the slightly larger display, the iPhone 6 may come with a battery that is rated close to 2000 mAh. This will be a significant improvement from the current batteries, which are rated around 1500 mAh. Battery life, though, may not improve significantly because of the larger display.

Prices of the iPhone 6 are expected to remain at a premium, while it still is not known whether there would be a replacement for the iPhone 5C. The device is expected to be priced around $800 for the base versions.

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