iPhone 6 Has a Faster Wi-Fi Speed Than iPhone 5S

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The new iPhone 6 came with a way better Wi-Fi connection and it is considerably faster than iPhone 5S’s WiFi, or other older phones from Apple. Apple did mention that the iPhone 6 will have better Wi-Fi connection and now, since the device is finally released, we can confirm that they were not lying about that.

iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C’s Wi-Fi speed connection is fast enough for web browsing, or for downloading music and doing many other tasks. But when you will download movies and any kinds of big files or even streaming, you will notice that the Wi-Fi is not as fast as you hoped to be. The download takes too much time and the streaming is somehow buffering now and then. Of course, the router quality and the Internet service plan play a big role too, but when you have a decent internet connection and a good router, your phone’s Wi-Fi connection should be very fast.

GottaBeMobile used Speedtest.net’s application on both iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S and showed us the download speed difference between these two devices. While iPhone 5S’s download speed was only a bit over 85 Mbps, the iPhone 6’s download speed was almost 181 Mbps. That’s a difference of 100 Mpbs, which is HUGE, and if you stay connected to a Wi-Fi router on your iPhone 5S for a long time, then you should try the iPhone 6 and you’ll surely be happy with this big download speed difference.

This big difference between these two devices is due to the improved WiFi technology. While the older iPhone 5S has a Wireless 802.11 b/g/n chip, the iPhone 6 comes with an 802.11 ac chip. Keep in mind that Apple’s newest computers (not phones) use the 802.11 ac technology that comes with not only faster transfer speeds, but a greater range as well. With other words, where your iPhone 5S would barely have signal, your iPhone 6’s signal could be quite strong.

However, as we told you above, in order to use iPhone 6’s Wi-Fi connection to its fullest, you will need to have an 802.11 ac compatible router.

Here is the video with the speed test we’ve talked about in this article:

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