GoPro HD Hero2 vs Contour+ – The Supreme Cam Fight Comparison

If you’re a mountain biker, surfer, skier or motocrosser, you’ll need a camera to record your adventures. But it’s very uncomfortable to use a smartphone when your hands are busy, plus you might drop it and break it. In this case, you need a POV cam to help you get rid of the worries. Our suggestions for this battle are GoPro HD Hero2 and Contour+.

For an extreme sports enthusiast, the durability is very important, and both devices passed the test. Next, the water resistance is what differentiates these cams and advantages the GoPro HD Hero2 because it has this feature, while the Contour+ doesn’t. As for the design, we can consider the Contour+ prettier because of the brushed metal appearance and rotating lens. The GoPro HD Hero2 hasn’t changed its appearance and still looks like a walkman. It has a record lamp located on the front, back, top and bottom and an improved LCD monitor, which the Contour+ lacks. Both cameras have in common mic jacks: the Contour Plus requires an adapter because the hole is very tight, while the HD Hero2 has a 3.5mm hole.

The HD Hero2 is able to record on SD/SDHC/SDXC cards, whereas the Contour+ records on MicroSD cards.

There are pros and cons when it comes to recording capabilities. Speaking of Contour+’s camera, let’s say that it has a low center of gravity and it launches very quickly. Thanks to the rotating lens, you can capture 360 degrees panoramas, but the disadvantage is that, unlike the GoPro HD Hero2, you can’t tilt it forwards/backwards. If you’ll buy a helmet mount system, this issue is no longer …an issue! The GoPro, on the other hand, come with a head strap and a suction cup mount.

As for the video quality, the Contour+ needs an improvement in terms of Auto White Balance system and you’ll experience the annoying “jelly video syndrome”. The HD Hero2 comes with an improved camera with which you can obtain sharp, detailed images thanks to its 11MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor. The Contour+ sports a 5MP sensor shared by all three Contour models. While with the HD Hero2 you’ll get perfect images easily, the Contour’s interface is complex and before finding the Photo mode, you’ll get mad and frustrated.

So, the winner of this battle is the GoPro HD Hero2, which is available in three variants: motorsports – 350dollars, outdoor – 289 dollars and surf – 290 dollars. The Contour+ is very expensive, around 460 dollars, but a used one costs 275 dollars.



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