Gold-Plated iPhone 6 Available for Pre-Order at £2400

The scope for exclusivity in smartphones is fairly limited, but should you wish to customize the new iPhone 6, then there is a £2400 option to spec up the iPhone 6 even before it is launched.

Apple will unveil the iPhone 6 in a few hours from now, but there have already been several leaked devices going rounds. These fully working models clearly show that the new iPhone 6 will be significantly larger than the predecessor due to its 4.7 inch display. This is expected to be the biggest change in the device, as Apple appears ready to target the android smartphones with large displays.

Alexander Amosu is one of those who specializes in bespoke mobile phones. The latest availability in the world of bespoke mobile phones will be the ability to add gold plating to the iPhone 6 at the cost of £2400. It should be remembered that the iPhone 5S in the gold color created a lot of buzz especially because of the slow production capacity. There was a period when the iPhone 5S commanded even double the price of iPhone 5S in other colors. However, there can be no doubts that the £2400 gold plating option for the iPhone 6 is something that only a few can afford.

After all, the gold plating alone will cost thrice as much as the phone considering that the iPhone 6 prices could start at around £650. Still, it represents one of the ultimate customization options available for the iPhone 6. Even better is the fact that one will be able to preorder the iPhone 6 even before the official launch date. As an added incentive, customers who preorder the lavish device will be able to enjoy a leather case from Amosu that is worth around £150. The iPhone 6 is also expected to be launched with a 5.5 inch display.

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