Angry Birds Stella Infuses New Gameplay Mechanics

Have you heard about Angry Birds Stella yet?

If you haven’t, then you should definitely give it a shot. After making so many different games based on the same slingshot concept, we really assumed that Rovio would have run out of ideas now but they still have innovative concepts under their sleeve, which is really surprising.

Why You Should Try It?

The story of Angry Birds Stella isn’t unique but it just introduces new characters into familiar territory. It is more like a feminine version of the game where Stella is the lead and has her friends to support her on the Golden Island. Gale is a bad princess who steals Stella’s maps with her piggy minions and it is up to them to retrieve it back. The game play is the most interesting part of the game where all birds use a completely different aiming mechanism that makes the game interesting.

Each character has some unique powers as well, which you can make use of to kill those piggies. Stella could bounce on walls whereas her friends could float, bump and so on. The graphics are excellent as with all Angry Birds titles. It is exceptionally colorful, has a lot of pink in it this time and feels nice to play on if you have a device with a high resolution.

Upgrading the System

While Angry Birds Stella uses the same three star rating system to let you unlock new levels and proceed, it wouldn’t allow you to unlock new birds, unless you have the necessary number of stars. For example, when you reach level 12 you need at least 18 stars to unlock an extra bird unless you choose to purchase it using real cash. Gold is the in-game currency that can be gathered by acquiring more stars and it is useful to purchase a lot of in-game items including additional birds, whenever necessary. You can also buy power ups and skip levels if you find them too difficult.

Angry Birds Stella is not a unique attempt by Rovio; but the developer has polished the known game play mechanics into something much better. The aiming system is a great addition and the time given to lock your aim is much higher in the game, which lets you focus properly before you shoot. It is a must try game, especially if you love the franchise and look forward to experience more of the same in a better scenario.


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