GTA 5 Xbox One Edition Release Date Confirmed For November 18

Mark the dates in your calendar because November is going to be a really busy month.

GTA 5 Xbox One edition along with the Playstation 4 edition has been confirmed to get launched on November 18 as planned. We are really glad that Rockstar has decided to release the game without any delays.

They have officially made the announcement in their blog and have also confirmed that fans who have waited a year to receive the game will be pleasantly surprised with the changes that they have introduced. The game is going to be exceptionally enhanced in terms of the graphics and will debut with exclusive features on the next gen consoles. We bring you the most important features that you should look forward to, when the game launches.

New Vehicles and Weapons

Definitely, the new vehicles and new range of weapons to handle in GTA 5 Xbox One is promising. Rockstar has not officially shown off any list, but given the better processing power and graphics card on the Xbox One, there should be plenty of new additions. The original Xbox 360 version is already impressive and received rave reviews from critics worldwide.

If they can do so much with such limited hardware space, we are sure that the game could be easily beyond expectations on this new generation hardware. The weapons will be more destructive than the ones used in the old consoles because they are not capable of rendering such demanding graphics.

100 New Stations on Your Radio

For GTA 5 Xbox One and PS4 edition, the developers will add 100 new stations so that you could listen to your favorite song all day long without getting bored on long journeys. After all, it has been said that the map is at least four times bigger than San Andreas and we already know how big it was to travel through San Andreas earlier. There will be plenty of time to kill, listening to these stations. The draw distance as well as number of pedestrians will be higher in the next gen versions because of the better hardware that Rockstar got access to.

The biggest offer for GTA 5 Xbox One pre-orders is that you will be gifted with a stash filled with one million in cash, which you can make use of, in the GTA online multiplayer game and buy the latest upgrades, vehicles as well as weapons to take out your opponents.











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