GTA 5 – Building up the Excitement

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An Amazing Open World Game

It is difficult to know exactly where to begin, while talking about Grand Theft Auto V.

There is this vast and beautiful open world with three different protagonists, among whom, you can switch at any time from one to the other. In addition, there are various side activities to engage in and the several means of having fun. GTA V is a complex but fascinating game and is misogynistic in its nature, having some really serious issues with women. However, it is also an amazing open world game, never before attempted and offers several perspectives, where the player is placed amidst dramatic heists and exciting missions.

Three Protagonists

The three protagonists offer different perspectives in the game and the three characters, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, offer these varying perspectives. Michael is a criminal, leading a relaxed and privileged life. His marriage lies shattered and he is attempting to somehow connect with his daughter Tracey, who is aiming at reality television. He also has a lazy son named Jimmy, who keeps talking trash and is constantly playing online video games. Franklin, on the other hand, is a young driver, who meets Michael and wants to move up in the world through him. Michael connects with Franklin and introduces him to the world of crimes and heists. Trevor used to be Michael’s business associate, but is now doing meth business in Los Santos. He is a psychotic character, being intelligent, insane, violent and even frightening. He is truly an unforgettable character.

Storyline and Details

Trevor and Michael have been estranged for a long time and reunite, due to some circumstances. The three characters work together, but they don’t get along too well. Dialogues are sharp and the interaction is well enacted; but the characters lack consistency, at times. Trevor and Michael start working together immediately, in spite of a long and extended absence and in spite of having reservations about each other, which seems rather odd.

Missions and Heists

There is a mission where the player is instructed to torture a person. Though Trevor doesn’t believe in torture, he ends up torturing the man and gets the required information, which means that torture works. Such inconsistency affects the credibility of the characters, which are otherwise very strong. The missions seem to want them to do something that they don’t believe in. Most of the missions are also quite unbelievable, with contradictions in characters as mentioned and also sending ambiguous political messages.

Heists are the highlights of the game and Michael plans the major jobs along with his partners. The player is offered various options for approaching the heist and these decisions can completely alter the way in which the heist finally takes shape. For instance, in a heist, there is an option where the player has to play a janitor for planting bombs in a building and then enter the building acting like firefighters. Another option for the same heist consists of entering the building in a parachute and busting in, carrying arms.

Elaborate Preparations

The preparations to be made are elaborate, as you need to have the right equipment, a good getaway car and have to make other arrangements for pulling off the heist. You will also need supporting crewmembers, a gunman and a getaway driver and so on. Skilled members are paid more than cheap and inexperienced people. All these steps provide a lot of thrill and create a slow build up of excitement and heat, leading to the final crimes with action packed scenes.

Swapping and shifting between the three roles is really exhilarating and offers varied perspectives. This makes GTA V reach the pinnacle of open world mission games.

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