Google Maps and Navigation – Taking You to Places You Have Never Been To Before

‘Google it’ has grown to become the most used phrase when it comes to looking for reliable answers online.

These days, it is also possible to ‘Google’ directions – whether you are walking, jogging, using public transport or driving. This is made possible by Google Maps, a navigation service offered by Google for free.

A few years back, getting around in an unfamiliar destination meant carrying paper maps to get the directions correct. The old direction finding methods were not accurate and were not effective. With Google Maps and navigation services, not only are the directions accurate, but they are also effective. All it takes is for you to pull out your smartphone and enter the destination of choice to get the directions and traffic updates.

What to Expect From Google Maps

Google Maps takes advantage of several long-standing features such as Google search, voice search capabilities and live traffic updates. This gives users the ability to not only find the destination they seek, but also the fastest route to getting there. Using voice commands, it is possible for Google Maps users to find roads, business premises or addresses – this is one of the features that make Google Maps and navigation a leading choice for many.

It is possible to use the voice commands for walking routes, driving routes and public transport routes. The voice search feature uses search tools that go the extra mile to offer solutions to its users.

The Google distance calculator is also a very good feature on Google Maps and navigation. This feature makes it possible for Google Maps to offer users the exact distance between their current location and the destination they want to reach. This is a great feature since it can help the user in calculating the time it will take for them to reach their destination. This feature can also calculate the time it will take if the user switches routes and roads to reach a destination. With this feature, it is possible for users to share routes and distance by using the ‘generate link for this route’ to generate the link automatically. Later, this link can be shared on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

It is now also possible for Google Maps users to combine other sources of data with their Google Maps. For instance, it is possible for users to use their Google Maps with Gawker Stalker to find another person’s location. It even goes further to offer maps that can indicate the zip code borders.

Google Maps and navigation also allows users to make adjustments in the map for different destinations. For instance, it is possible for you to change the location of your house on Google Maps if you find it listed in the wrong neighborhood or street. However, it is still impossible to edit all locations.

The Bottom Line

With the new and improved features on Google Maps, there is no need for paper maps anymore. Google Maps are frequently updated to accommodate changes in locations. With Google Maps, it is possible to go to new places and find all locations without the need of a guide. It makes finding bus terminals, schools, hospitals, restaurants and hotels a breeze.

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