Google Maps – Top Reasons Why It Is a Great Free App to Download

If you have ever been lost before, you will probably appreciate Google Maps a lot more now that it is made available to us for everyday travel.

We no longer have to rely on strangers for directions to a place that we have never been to before, because now, all we have to do is open our mobile devices and go to Google Maps. It has practically everything that we will need to know about a certain destination, as long as it has been mapped and identified. In addition, Google Maps have come up with such great features that not only are we given the opportunity to find our way more conveniently, we are also given other features that will help us ensure travelling to a new place will be a smooth ride and a fun experience.

And while we have been enjoying Google Maps so far, now, we have a better, more interactive, more fun to use new and updated version of Google Maps that we can rely on for every new trip and every discovery of a new place. For those who just do not have the ability to remember locations and routes as easily as other people do, this is one of the most useful applications that have ever been developed. Fortunately, it just keeps getting better.

A New and More Interactive Map

If in your opinion the old Maps version was interactive enough, this new update has brought interaction to the next level, with every click of your mouse giving you helpful information about a selected location on the map.

When you click on a specific point on the map, you will have a more focused view of that location. And not only that, you will also be given other important information, such as the different routes that you can take if you want to get there and other places that are quite similar to the one you picked. This way, you will know the quickest way to get there from your current location. And if it turns out to be not exactly the place you were looking for, you can simply click on any of the location suggestions that are pulled up by Google Maps for your benefit. One of those might just turn out to be just the right place.

Compare Various Modes of Transportation

Do you like keeping your options open? Google Maps can make that possible for you as well. If you are planning to go on a trip and you have not decided which mode of transportation will be the most advantageous from you, considering where you are and what time of the day you are planning to leave, Google Maps offers a quick but comprehensive comparison of the different modes of transportation that are available for your use.

When you click on a location, you will see a popup that will allow you to see different transportation icons. Clicking on any one of these will show you the approximate length of time that travel by that specific mode of transportation will take as well as the routes that will be used. The amazing thing about it is that it even includes some allowance for traffic jams that lengthen travel time. So you also have the option of viewing the total approximate number of minutes or hours that travelling will take with and without traffic.

For those people whose concern is the route, this feature in Google Maps will also enable you to see what routes will be taken using a specific mode of transportation. You can even look at approximate travel time and route if you choose to simply walk to your destination, given that it’s not far, of course.

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