Motorola Droid X vs Droid X2 – Specs and Features Comparison

Verizon Motorola’s Droid X was the best Android based smartphone last year.

However, the smartphone was overshadowed due to various other quicker, state of the art smartphones released in the mobile industry. Motorola re-entered the market with its latest release, the Motorola Droid X2 smartphone with latest features and specs. The best part about Motorola’s Droid X2 is the price. The smartphone is priced at $199.99. The Droid X2 is equipped with enhanced display and dual core processor. Let us compare the Droid X in terms of features and specifications to that of the Droid X2, to understand in what ways the successor beats its predecessor.


Starting with design, the two smartphones are hard to be distinguished when kept side by side. Both the X and the X2 come with similar shapes and design. Both have similar weight of 5.47 ounces and stand 5.02 inches in stature. In terms of width and thickness, yet again, both the smartphones have similarities. Both the smartphones are 2.58 inches in breadth and 0.39 inches thick. In comparison with other smartphones available in the market at present, these devices are difficult to be carried around.

In terms of screen, the Droid X2 smartphone is better equipped with qHD display than the WVGA screen of the Droid X smartphone.

Operating System and User Interface

The X2 variant encompasses Android based version 2.2.2 OS. Motorola has plans to upgrade the Droid X2 smartphones operating system to Gingerbread at the earliest. The X2 smartphone operating system comprises of Motorola’s Motoblur software that has certain enhancements made, especially in the User Interface area. The X2 comes equipped with latest apps that are not available on the Droid X smartphone. The X2 has the Quick Office suite, Skype, Slacker and Amazon Kindle applications. The smartphone also offers a plethora of Verizon services to the user.


The X2 comes with enhanced dual core processor. It also incorporates an Nvidia’s Tegra2 chip that runs along with 1GHz ARM dual Cortex A9 cores CPU and a low GeForce GPU. These features make the X2 smartphone offer fast browsing, quick performance and good game graphics. The X2 dual core processor shows its true power in quick browsing and lag free gaming experience.

Both the smartphones come equipped with an 8MP camera. However, the X2 offers superior shot-to-shot feature, as compared to its predecessor. In terms of internal storage capacity, the X2 offers 8GB and an external card slot for memory enhancement, as compared to the 32GB variant of the Droid X smartphone.

However, the Droid X2 lacks a front facing camera, 4G connectivity and other hardware features, which is a disappointment. Regardless, the X2 offers quick performance and a powerful 1540 mAh battery. Motorola’s fans must be expecting the company to release its latest variant with 4G data speed. Nonetheless, if the smartphone lacking 4G is not an issue for you, go for Motorola Droid X2 smartphone. Until date, the Droid X2 is the best smartphone with latest features and specifications released by Motorola.

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