Types of Vegetarians and What They Eat

If you are of the opinion that there are only two categories of people – vegetarian and non vegetarian; you need to know that it is not so. There are different categories of vegetarian and in order to know the details, you must be familiar with the classification. Here, we will deal with some of the key details that will help you understand the categories and the type of food each category of people eat.


It is a form of vegetarian wherein people eat fish and even seafood but they refrain from the consumption of hard-core meat and flesh of animals. It isn’t entirely a veg diet, but they cannot be termed as non-vegetarians for the simple reason that they do not indulge in meat and flesh.

As per the dictionary, the meaning of the term refers to those whose diet is inclusive of fish but no other meat. It is likely that the word has its origin in the Italian word “pesce” which means fish.

Semi Vegetarian or Flexitarian

It is a category of people who are primarily vegetarians but they can occasionally opt for meat products too. These people are not very rigid when it comes to their eating behavior. While they primarily consume veg products, but once in a while, it is alright for them to taste core meat. They form the most flexible of vegetarians as their eating habits can switch based upon their needs and interests. Unlike pescetarians, this category of people can eat any form of meat and they are not averse to non veg food products entirely.

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian and Lacto Vegetarian

This is a class of vegetarian people who are averse to all forms of meat but they consume dairy and egg products. These people will not have fish, but when it comes down to egg products, they do not have a problem consuming it.

Such people find it easier to get their meals because some of the best shops and restaurants are likely to cater to this category of vegetarian. It is needless to add that it is the most common category too. Avoiding egg products can be a little tough as most cakes come layered with eggs. There are plenty of other egg products that are essential for the sake of building your body and so avoiding egg products can sometimes be a cumbersome task.


This is an extremely rigid form of vegetarian diet wherein people refrain from the complete use of animal products. Some people extend this philosophy to all areas and not just food as they disregard using products that have been made from animal flesh.

Those who are vegan not only refrain from the use of meat and flesh, but they are averse to the consumption of egg products as well. Most vegans have a strict philosophical belief that animals deserve the right to live and slaughtering them for the sake of food is morally wrong.

Raw Vegan 80/10/10

This is perhaps one of the most selective diets that one could hope for. There are various benefits of this diet as it can help in quick weight loss. The core idea behind the diet is to have a diet that comprises of 80 percent of carbs and 10 percent proteins. The remaining 10 percent will be fat. Basically raw vegans eat fresh fruits and vegetables!

None of these include meat products and sticking to this diet can give you multiple health benefits. If you are looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle and you want to cut down your weight, the best thing to do is to opt for raw vegan diet.

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