Fallout MMO Made By A Fan – Top Features To Be Implemented In Fallout 4

If you got tired of all the rumors that are all over the internet about Fallout 4, you might want to take a look at this upcoming game. In concordance with GamingBolt, a fan created a MMO that will be released somewhere in the near future. It is currently in closed beta and can be downloaded from various websites.

The game is called FOnline: Ashes of the Phoenix and it will be released on September 5. As for the graphics, it will feature the ones that Fallout 1 and 2 had back in 1997 and 1998. The action in the game will not take place in the central and southern California, but instead it will be in a post-apocalyptic Phoenix, Arizona.

In FOnline, Pheonix avoided the global destruction during the Great War that was in 2077, and it remains preserved for almost 150 years. After 150 years of “peace”, some independent organizations found out about the intact buildings and the resources that the town has.

The players who like PvP will surely enjoy FOnline, because it seems that the game will have a lot of PvP in it. Aside from the PvP feature, the game will come with a faction and reputation system, a new character system and many more.

Even if the game focuses more on PvP, quests and other kind of activities are available in the game. You can team up with your buddies to complete quests and dungeons too.

Features that can/should be implemented in Fallout 4, from other games

1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

We are sure that the Fallout fans don’t want to kill instantly all the creatures they meet, as the other players do in CoD: Advanced Warfare. But the developers of Fallout 4 can take into consideration the idea of bringing some evolution to the game. Since Call of Duty changed after so many years, this can happen to Fallout 4 also!

2. Dragon Age: Inquisition

A new feature that will allow you to play Fallout 4 in two ways, such as in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a third person “hack and slash” RPG type of the game. However, you can pause the game and you can command your troops too.

3. Far Cry 2

The developers should think more about bringing a weapon degradation system in Fallout 4. And we don’t talk only about weapons getting used by time and just can’t be used anymore. We’re talking about when a weapon gets used, it should get jammed from time to time, or its aim to not be as accurate as it is when it’s brand new.

4. Mass Effect

If the developers will make a game as Mass Effects in matter of decisions it will be awesome. We all know how great a game can be when our decisions affect it and how great it is when we can end it 10 times, but every single time it has a different ending. We are sure that this will be a great addition to the game, and a lot of players will want to play it just because of this great feature.

5. Outlast

We agree that Fallout 3 was one of the scariest games in many ways. But, if you ever played Outlast, you know how scary this game is. By using the sound and the dark zones from the game, the developers might find a way to make Fallout 4 at least as scarier then Outlast.

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