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Before the title was launched, the developers of the game Bungie promised that unlike other games which increase its scope by adding new maps or content, their game Destiny will have different layers of content in the same world.

They introduced different planets into the multiplayer first person shooter which the company believed will be the best ever in recent times.

So far, it has received some positive comments but we are yet to experience the game’s whole landscape till now. The development team promises us that if you have already completed twenty hours of game time, you will now be playing an entirely new game with a brand new experience. It will not be the same title that you started with but something more engaging, different and promising.

Bungie’s Producer Speaks

Sharing more about Destiny on a confident note, executive producer of Bungie Patrick O Kelley said, “Just put twenty hours in and players are going to be amazed by the drastic change that the game has to offer. It will be brand new, addictive and a new shooter compared to the one they started off with.”

Continuing with this statement, he said, “The world will feel much more alive and feel entirely different. They will soon find themselves immersed into the characters, knowing more about their history and the way they behave. It adds a whole new depth and they will soon be part of the player community. The twenty hours will help all players learn some sophisticated mechanics that they have mastered with the hours played and soon they will be gearing up like never before. You can even go with six player co-operative raids which is pure, adrenaline pumping fun and try to hunt for sophisticated exotic weapons and armor.”

Plenty of Content Offered

When we played through the game, it roughly took sixteen hours to play through the entire single player mission. There are many bounties to acquire as well, which you should do if you want to level up quickly and that will most probably leave your character at level 16. Doing extra vanguard and Strike quests will add multiple bonuses which we guess is mandatory so as to go against other exotic weapons and army in joint missions. There’s plenty to do, especially with levelling up characters that will give you a promising start after 20 hours. Try it in Destiny and let us know.


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