GoPro Hero 4 Release Date – Specs Leaked

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GoPro Hero 4 release date is slated for let out in 2014 summer (possibly June 2014). The GoPro cameras are very popular and are able to get high quality videos at very high speeds. It is expected to be available at a price of around $340. At present, the Hero 3+ is available for around $400 for the Black edition and for $300 for the Silver edition.

There are some leaks regarding the expected specs of the GoPro Hero 4. It is expected to be shooting at 4K at 30 frames per second. The resolution is 1080p with 120 fps in case of slow motion and a resolution of 720 p at 240 frames per second. This is possible due to the introduction of the SoC Ambarella A9 chip and comes with a 1 GHz and a Cortex TM A9 Processor. It also has features for the latest apps and a wireless connectivity as well as for streaming video in the social media.

GoPro Hero 4 comes with a photo-sensor of 13 MP. It also has new lens that is capable of shooting in the dark. Other improved features are electronic image stabilizing, improved MCTF, multi exposure as well as HDR WDR for tone mapping. The viewfinder playback is quite easy to use and you don’t need to have any particular technical skills for using it. The camera also has a waterproof housing and a flan lens. This is useful for taking shots under water, up to a depth of 60m. During the video recording, you can also capture still images. All the features are available in a lightweight package that is also compact. In short, it can pretty much withstand whatever you throw at it.

Specifications Leaks

The leaks regarding the specifications of the yet to be released camera comes from Ambarella. This is the company making the SoCs, powering the GoPro line for several generations. The A9 camera SoC from Ambarella will be powering the GoPro HD Hero 4. It will be able to take films in 4K resolution and will also be able to take recordings in high fps in case of HD and for Full HD. The over sampling performance is 700 megapixel per second with multi exposure HDR as well as WDR tone mapping. The Wi Fi features enable a remote viewfinder as well as playback function.


There is some speculation and rumor that the camera will have two lenses, both side by side. These will be useful for taking films in 3D, though the news has not been confirmed. There is also some speculation that the GoPro Hero 4 will not have the name Hero 4 and that the company will try to go in for a new name. However, we need to wait for the official news and announcement in this regard in order to know the final name.

Easy Sharing

The GoPro Hero 3 used to be considered the king of action, but there is a lot of room for improvement. The Hero 4 has specs that seem to fulfill these hopes. Fans of action sports will be extremely happy to hear about the electronic image stabilization. This will enable correction of camera shakes and also reduce blurring and shakiness in videos. It will also be easy to share the content with friends in the social media, using the USB, the HDMI support as well as WiFi. This way, it makes it easy for your friends and contacts to take a look at your adventures. Camera lovers are also expecting it to have several upgrades when compared to the Hero 3. The Hero 3 had three variants, all of which were immensely successful.

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