Fallout 4 Release Date in 2015 – What Does PAX East Say?

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The Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, which was the last two sequels, were incredible successes for Bethesda. At certain time, we’ll be getting another game following-up, namely the Fallout 4.

There are some speculations that are saying that the new installment will be announced earlier next year, and then it will be given a launch date for the fall of 2015. This rumor comes from KpopStarz, who also added that the said launch date stunt has not been officially established, but it is likely to happen in that period.

Nonetheless, other current speculations have been disproved. The Fuse Joplin stated that the much expected game would be announced at PAX East event on this month, although the PAX East has already gone because the event closed on 1st of September, and now we still have no assurance of another Fallout installment.

The Fuse Joplin also added that the new game will have a new location, in Boston after the Apocalypse, and that it will come in a brand new design, steam-punkish, a new enormous race, and it will be a lot different than the Fallout 3 with its major changes in details. Some of the things that were very attractive last time were: the Super Mutants and The Brotherhood of Steel.

However, their other rumors were debunked, now who knows how certain are these new speculations.

Cinema Blend quoted Bethesda about an upcoming secret game, which they are thinking that is the Fallout 4.

Bethesda stated that its teams have already been developing their next huge project, and that is at the moment when it requires their full focus on it in order to become their best achievement yet.

This statement would apply properly to the Fallout sequels, regarding that the developer company put truckloads of energy and time into the Skyrim project, the latest in the other popular series, The Elder Scrolls.

We all are hoping to hear very soon about the Fallout 4 release.

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