How Do You Think Clash of Clans Makes a Lot of Money?

Clash of Clans is a phenomenal strategy game that has become an overnight success.

It is hugely profitable to its creator Supercell, despite the fact that it is available as a free download. So what is it that makes this game such a huge hit? Here is how the game has been minting money for its developers, and how it has become the second highest grossing game in recent times.

The Freemium Model

Sure Clash of Clans is a free to download and play game, but it has options to make in-app purchases too. The developers have created the game in such a way, that you can spend money to speed up your progress in it. Therefore, if you are fine with the pace at which your game is evolving, you can continue to play free, but if you want things to move at a pace that you can enjoy, you can spend money on the gems and allow the game to be speedier. You can also completely disable purchases in your game’s settings, but most users prefer to make one-off purchases.

None of the Imminent Purchases is Apparent

When you start playing Clash of Clans, your game begins with a substantial number of gems in your account. There are ways to earn gems by playing the game as well. Therefore, you never really have to worry about your gems, and so you keep spending them to speed up small things here and there. The action packed game tends to become too invigorating, that at one point, you realize you have spent all your gems and there is much more action to look forward to. Therefore, users head to the play store and buy gems to continue playing the game at a pace that they can enjoy. Most likely, they would not even feel bad about making the purchase because unlike most other freemium games, they are not pushed to make these purchases.

You Have to Login Several Times a Day

The design of the game is such that you have to log in at least a couple of times every day to make sure that your game runs smoothly. The game revolves around the resources you can collect to upgrade your infrastructure and your forces. So the more resources you have, the stronger you become. However, these resources do not get collected into a central storage – they are located in collectors where they are very vulnerable to attack and pillaging. When your resources are in the mines or the elixir collectors, 50% of them can be stolen by raiding armies. However, whenever you log in and tap on the mines or collectors, your resources are transferred to the central storage where they become relatively safer, and only 20% can be stolen. Therefore, players are encouraged to login several times to check up on their games – they simply cannot afford to forget about the game, which would keep running in the background. Therefore, the temptation to spend money on buying gems and speeding up the game is present.

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